Weight Gain After Menopause

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Causes of Weight Gain After Menopause

If you have entered or exited the menopausal phase of life it's common to see an increase in body weight.

Although frustrating, the increase can decrease by making a few changes in your daily schedule.

The following conditions are generally responsible for triggering the weight increase.

Hormonal Imbalance

The individual may be experiencing a hormone imbalance. Medical tests can verify such and there are medications that the doctor can prescribe which can remedy the condition.

Take note that when taking these types of medications it is vital for the patient to remain closely under a qualified doctor's care as they are accompanied with serious risks. These include:


Fluctuation in blood pressure readings.

Risks of infertility.

Onset of clinical depression.

Fluctuation in mood.

Increase risk for cancer.

Fluctuation in blood sugar.

Coincidental Weight Increase Due to Menopause & Ageing

The increase in body weight may be due to a coincidence of life-events colliding. Even if the individual hadn't went through menopause, the increase in weight would have still occurred.

We need only to use our logic to see what happens to most individuals as they enter mid-life. It's not only women who battle with weight shifts - but also men.

As the human body ages it's simply not as efficient as it once was; the slowing down of the metabolic rate as well as our activity levels contribute to the amount we weigh. To remedy we must either increase daily activity to burn off more calories OR decrease food intake OR do a combination of both.


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