Weight Gain After Injury

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Causes of Weight Gain After Injury

The amount of weight gained after experiencing an injury may be impacted by the extent of the injury. Simply put, if it was a significant event - then there is a wider window, a bigger opportunity for experiencing weight gain than if the injury was minor.

Therefore, we'll address common causes of increased body weight following a significant injury.

Less Activity Due to Injury Contributes to Weight Gain

For every 100 pounds of body weight, we use about 50 calories just to survive. This adds up to about 1200 calories per day - just to keep the body alive.

Several factors serve to influence the exact amount of energy we use each day.

For example, individuals with more muscle mass may require more calories to support daily functions of the body.

Small, petite women may require far less energy.

Younger individuals almost-always require more energy values than older individuals.

When we're injured - depending upon the type of injury, it can prove difficult to move about freely. And the body is chiefly at rest, it is at a prime state for experiencing weight gain.


In order to prevent more weight from packing on, take a look at your current eating plan - including the types of beverages you consume each day.

You may need to adjust the caloric values in order to prevent more unwanted weight adhering to the body.

For example, rather than carrot cake - enjoy raw carrots. Yeah....I know, they sure aren't as tasty, but that excess weight isn't much fun either. Rather than a sugary soda, can you opt for unsweetened or lightly sweetened tea? What about a reduced-sugar juice? Water?

Prescription Medications May Trigger Weight Gain

If you were prescribed a prescription medication for your injury by your doctor, it may be causing the increase in body weight. If this is the situation, ask your doctor if there is another medication that will treat your condition without this side effect.

If not, once the medication has been stopped you'll need to work on getting back to your normal weight.

Salty Foods, Weight Gain Factor

If you were consuming foods which were highly processed during your injury, they are likely one of the causes for excess pounds. Salt is found freely in one of the most popular foods that we embrace during unwell times of life - soup.

If excess sodium is the culprit it may require several days to rectify. The body will eventually release the retained water [salt is notorious for water retention issues] naturally when the daily diet remains balanced where the salt shaker is involved.


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