Weight Gain After Illness

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Causes of Weight Gain After Illness

There are numerous explanations for experiencing an increase in body weight after a bout of illness.

If the individual was ill for a short duration, the following issues may have created an increase in body weight. We'll also address long-term illness and increased body weight later in this health article.

Soup, High in Sodium Which Equals False Weight Gain

When we're ill, particularly when we have the flu or a common cold, we often turn to soups. They are easy on the tummy and the warm vapors serve to open nasal passageways, making it easier to breathe.

The negative is that soups are extreme in sodium content and contribute to false pounds.

If this sounds familiar to your situation, give the bathroom scales 2-4 days to come back into balance. If the pounds are still there, you will most likely need to alter your eating plan and level of activity to rid them.

While Ill, Bed Rest & Lack of Activity Equals Weight Gain for Long & Short Term Illnesses

For every 100-pounds of body weight, we burn about 49 calories [on average] per hour when at rest.

If we take a brisk walk for one hour, the number of calories burned jumps to 280 kcals - for every 100-pounds of body weight.

When we're ill, the body also tends to burn more energy values - because it is working hard to fight infection, to get well again. However, it doesn't burn a considerable amount more than when at rest - and nothing in comparison to high-impact activity.


Simply put, a body at rest generally equals a body at high risk for weight gain.

Feeling Better, Eating Hearty

Often, after a bout with illness, we will enjoy a hearty meal which contains many more calories than we assumed - thus contributing to weight gain.

If we indulge for a few days in hearty meals and snacks - making up for those days when we were ill, the result can be unwanted pounds.

Medications Taken While Ill Can Cause Weight Gain for Long or Short Term Illness

If you were so ill that you were prescribed medications to get better, these may have impacted body weight.

Once the medication has been stopped per your doctor, your body weight should re-balance, naturally.

Weight Loss Rebounds With Weight Gain After Recovery From Illness

The human body is all about balance. If we experience a bout of long-term illness, we're most likely to drop pounds. It's the body's natural response to illness. But once it starts to rebound, it also works to put things back into a healthy balance.

When we're ill, many times the amount of weight that was lost was due to water, not true fat - particularly if we limited our carbohydrate intake while we were ill. Therefore, the weight increase is simply an issue of the body returning to a healthy balance of electrolytes.


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