Weight Gain After 50

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Are You 50 or Older & Experiencing Weight Gain?

If so, you are not alone. It's one of the most common conditions of ageing.

If you are experiencing a few pounds worth of weight gain, you can slowly shed the pounds by increasing your activity level. Try taking a 15 minute walk each day if possible

Thyroid Imbalances, Diabetes Trigger Weight Gain

However, if you find that you're putting on significant weight - you could have a hidden medical condition such as diabetes or a thyroid imbalance - so you'll want to get checked out by your doctor.

Women & Weight Gain Over 50

Some women experience the change of life [menopause] in their late forties. My lucky mother did exactly that. However, most women go through the change in their 50's. When this life changing time occurs, the hormones are impacted. In fact, many women who have a hysterectomy experience rapid weight gain.

Therefore, if you are at this crucial point in your life, take special note of your eating plan.


Ageing Cells of the Body

As our body grows older, it doesn't perform as efficiently as it did in its younger years. It may become quite sluggish in processing and digesting our food. This is often referred to as a sluggish metabolism. Adding more activity to your daily schedule can assist in boosting the metabolic rate.

In addition, we don't heal as quickly as we used to. And when we exercise, we may become sore and experience aches and pains - which makes us avoid exercise. We're at a point where we are consuming more calories than the body uses, therefore weight gain occurs.

Losing Muscle Mass

By the time we are in our 50's the body has already lost a significant amount of muscle mass - about 1% a year from the age of about 45. It can be recovered by modifying a sedentary lifestyle and by embracing more proteins. More information can be found here: Sarcopenia

Poor Dietary Habits, Fast Food Drive-By's

If fast food has become a way of life, it's time to rethink your eating habits - and drift towards a natural foods diet. Now, more than ever, it's time to get back into shape as you enter the gateway of your golden years.


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