Weight Gain After 40

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Is Weight Gain Common After 40?

Indeed it is - and in fact, it's such a common occurrence that there is a nickname for this situation - middle age spread.

You may ask why you have suddenly started putting on unwanted pounds - or why they have crept slowly on. Let's address some possible causes.

1. Are you less active these days? Try adding a 15 minute walk to your day and see how the activity impacts your bathroom scales. If they decrease, this is a signal that adding more activity into your life can assist in trimming down.

2. Are you sitting down for meal times or do you work and eat? At times do you graze all day rather than eating a planned meal? Do you eat in front of the television or computer?

3. Are you snacking more lately? At times, snacks are like credit cards. As we slide that plastic we don't see actual money being exchanged, so it's almost like we're getting something for free. Until the bill arrives.

Such is overeating and weight gain - particularly where snacks are involved. Snacks aren't free. And when 'the bill' arrives, it will arrive in the form of weight gain.

4. As we age our body naturally slows - even at the age of 40. We also start to lose muscle mass - and the body requires more calories to support muscle than fat. All too often, the muscle is replace with fat.


And because we don't require as many calories because of lost muscle, we simply do not need to eat or drink as many calories.

Tips to Get You Back on Track to a Healthy Weight

A. Make an effort to sit at the dinner table - with the family if that applies. Note what is on your plate. Take time to chew your food and enjoy each bite. Don't rush. Enjoy good conversation as you eat and drink.

B. Exercise will assist in building up the muscles - as well as creating stronger bones. And in the process body weigh can be impacted in a positive manner.

As you enter your mid-forties you will start to lose about 1% of your muscle mass each year of life which places you at risk for Sarcopenia.

C. Change out highly refined and process foods with natural, raw foods. Rather than a candy bar for snack time, enjoy a fresh piece of fruit. Rather than dining out at a fast food restaurant, enjoy a healthy meal at home filled with natural foods. One of my favorite meals is very simple - a bowl of red beans and a wedge of cornbread. At times I like a cheese sandwich filled with lots of lettuce leaves, sliced tomato and spicy brown mustard. At times, simple is best.


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