Weight Gain After Drinking Water

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Experiencing Weight Gain After Drinking Water

If you have ever picked up a gallon of water, you know how heavy it can be. Even when it's contained in a glass, it can weigh quite heavily.

If you have experienced an increase in body weight after drinking more water that you're normally used to drinking, that extra weight may end up being temporary OR permanent.

Temporary Weight Gain Due to Drinking Water

Weigh the following morning and if the scales are back to normal then the amount of pounds that were seen earlier were simply a result of the weight of the water.

If you indulged in foods which were rich in salt content, your body may require several days to return to a healthy balance. Salt is notorious for its water-retention properties.

Permanent Weight Gain Due to Drinking Water

Foods which are extreme in salt values can also be rich in fatty acid content. Fried foods - whether they are fatty animal proteins or healthy vegetables end up exploding with lipids.

While the salt will increase water cravings, if you have consumed more calories than your body will use for the day, those excess energy values will become housed - or stored in your fat cells. The body never wastes precious energy.


If too many calories created the increase in body weight, the sooner that you work to get them off, the easier the process will be. Pounds that are allowed to pack onto the body are exceptionally challenging to lose.

Drinking Too Much Water Can Be Lethal

The bulk of the human body is made of liquid. Our electrolytes - calcium, potassium and sodium work to put the liquid in balance.

You may have heard or read about long-distance runners who were in tip-top shape dying amid a marathon.

Although they were wise enough to refuel their body with liquid, when solely water is used to replenish - the result can be an imbalance in the electrolytes which places the body at serious risk. These days athletes are more aware of the risks and replenish with fluids which keep their body in balance.

Therefore, never drink vast amounts of water or you could end up in a serious situation.

A few years ago I remember hearing about these foolish disk jockeys on the radio who had a contest to see who could drink the most water. A lady ended up dying due to their foolishness.


This condition which can lead to death is known as Water Intoxication. This leads to hyponatremia, seizures, coma and potentially death. Virtually the human body is 'poisoned by water. Hyponatremia is a condition involving the electrolytes in which sodium levels in the blood are abnormally low, occurring when levels fall below 130 mM. Normal readings range from 136-145 mM.


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