Weight Gain After 30

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Is Weight Gain Common After 30?

Absolutely! Here are just a few reasons why.

1. As you age your metabolic rate isn't as fast as it was in your childhood years or in your 20's. A slower metabolism rate makes maintaining weight more challenging.

2. By the time that we are 30 years old many of us have married as well as had a child or two.

For women, childbearing encourages weight gain. Pregnancy impacts the hormones and frankly there are too many women who have issues getting back to their normal weight after the baby arrives.

As we settle into marriage and parenthood, we become more relaxed. We don't have as many goals as we did in our 20's as we have achieved quite a lot at this point. So we let down our guard, we eat and we enjoy ourselves.

All too often we consume too much food, too much drink.

3. Which brings us to drinks. If you are consuming more alcohol-based drinks that you used to, they are extreme in caloric content and will impact body weight significantly.

4. We aren't as active as we were in our younger years. When we upset the balance of energy, something has to give and in this situation, when activity and the body's basic needs for energy aren't balance with food intake, if we eat more than the body uses - it becomes stored in the fat cells.

Tips to Get You Back on Track to a Healthy Weight

Take a good look at your current eating plan. Are you eating a significant amount of fried foods? Processed foods? If so, start adding more natural foods to your eating plan. In addition, walk or exercise daily. These two elements assist in balancing body weight.

If you have gained a substantial amount of weight you need to decrease your calories in your day. Don't do such significantly without your doctor's supervision. Decreasing calories by just 250 kcals per day will generate a 1 pound per week weight loss.


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