What Do Farmers Earn?

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How much money do farmers make?

Commercial farmers can make $220 thousand dollars or more per year. Much depends upon the climate, natural disasters and which crop is driving the market and the types of crops which farmers choose to grow.

They can also make far less. In Texas, many individuals grow a minimal amount of hay or other hardy crops which require no extra work or effort other than planting and harvesting - in order to reduce property taxes.

Most farm estates are exempt from federal estate taxes.

As to commercial farmers, the median farm household income increased for the years 2012 and 2013. In the year 2012 the projected income was at $57, 723 and for the year 2013 - $58,845.

The hourly wages for unsupervised farmworkers is close to $11 per hour. Most are hired in the Southwestern regions of the U.S. [300k workers] followed by the Western regions [210k]  Southern [145k], Mid-Western [90k] and finally Northeastern [75k].

Image: What farmers make.

Image: Farmer wages.

States in the U.S., Percentage of Earnings From Farmers, Illegal Farmworkers

Farmworkers make up less than 1% of U.S. wage earners. This percentage excludes hired livestock farmworkers.

Much of the workforce is comprised because of those who are not legally authorized to work in the U.S. In the year 1989 through the year 1991, there were approximately 15% of illegal farmworkers. That increased to 55% up until 2001. Since that time there has been minimal fluctuation with the most recent data reflecting 48%. The Department of Labor's National Agriculture Workers Survey tracks this data.

Image: American farm income per state.

Image: Distribution of farm workers in the US, illegal status.

Top Crops Farmers Raise

Cattle, grains - such as wheat, and corn top the list. At this point in time the United States is exporting more pork than any other animal protein.

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