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Six Week Body Makeover Plan
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites With Reader Contribution

Diet Bites Reader Maryjo's Review of 6 Week Body Makeover Program

Maryjo said: I write regarding the Michael Thurmond Six Week Body Makeover plan. I would recommend the plan but only with modifications  

I added small amounts of skim milk. I also use small amounts of olive oil when stir frying certain foods.  A little bit of fat adds a huge amount of flavor.  

As most people consume way too much salt in their diets (fast foods, processed foods, etc.), I assume the unbelievable weight loss experienced the first week represents primarily water loss (I lost 9 lbs. my first week).  

Cutting down on salt and refined sugar is a definite plus with this diet.  You just don't realize how much salt or sugar (or fat for that matter) you eat until you reduce the amount.  As a result of reducing the intake of salt and sugar, foods can taste better.  I also added salad dressing (regular store bought dressing).  I use it in moderation, but it to so adds a tremendous amount of flavor with little sacrifice to the plan.

This is NOT an easy plan to stay on.  I purchased the plan at the end of April, and I began the plan in early May.  While I stuck to the plan exactly as recommended for a couple of weeks, to continue much longer without modification would have meant diet burn-out for me.

My husband only made it through a week and a half, realizing a weight loss of 3 lbs., when he decided the plan just wasn't for him. Since modifying the plan slightly, I am losing anaverage of 1.5 to 2 lbs. per week.  My total weight loss in 11 weeks is 26 lbs.  The exercises are relatively easy too, once you get your routine memorized.  And donšt forget, they also recommend that you walk for at least 30 minutes per day in addition to their biweekly exercise routine. Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Maryjo, Houston, TX

Diet Bites Reader Kenneth's Review of 6 Week Body Makeover Program

Kenneth said: I have been on the Michael Thurmond Six Week Body Makeover plan for two months and I'm still sold.  I have lost almost 30 pounds. I still need to lose 30 more pounds to reach the point where I want to be. I have tried many other diets but nothing seem to work for me. I admit the exercise routine is boring to stay with but it is something that I am willing to do if it means losing weight and it's only two times a week.

This plan also incorporates walking for thirty minutes a day. There have been several days when the weather wasn't cooperative or when I just could not fit it in and I think that if I had been able to do that I would have lost even more weight. I do miss a lot of my favorite foods but I sure do not miss the weight that I have lost. I would recommend this plan to anyone who is serious about losing weight. Thank you Diet Bites. Kenneth in smaller pants!!!!

Diet Bites Reader Ella's Review of 6 Week Body Makeover Program

Ella said: The Michael Thurmond Six Week Body Makeover plan is a very hard plan to lose weight with but it works. I would not advise anyone to go on this diet unless they are very serious about losing weight. I have been on the Michael Thurmond Makeover for three weeks.  The first week I lost seven pounds and so I did not mind that the diet was so hard because I lost so much weight. The next week I only lost two pounds.  Last week I only lost another three pounds. So far that makes my weight loss at twelve pounds in a bit over three weeks.

I would like to lose the weight faster but I think that overall I have done okay. I am beginning to have people comment on my weight loss and that is good because if it is showing to other people that I have lost weight, then although I cannot really see that much of a change then it must be a good thing that others can see the difference. I have went down one size in clothing (dress size).

Losing the weight is thrilling but I am considering modifying the plan because I feel like I may binge if I don't. The exercise part is too grilling and I have put that aside and walk two times a week. I hope this helps anyone that is thinking about going on the Michael Thurmond plan. Thanks, Diet Bites. Ella from the South

Diet Bites Reader Jackie's Review of 6 Week Body Makeover Program

Jackie said:  I used the 6 week makeover 3 years ago and followed it to the letter.  I indeed dropped 30 in 6 weeks. It was tough. I had more energy in a matter of days and was never hungry, although sometimes the food was tiring.

I found the trick with this plan was to prepare in large quantity and keep it in the fridge. Having to cook all the time is a hassle, but if you prepare ahead, its no problem. (and you eat so much,it doesn't go to waste)

I have gained some back at times and I do the program for a week or two and it comes right back off.

All in all, I would recommend it if you have great resolve and have made up your mind to lose the weight. Its not easy, but it does work. I have recommended it to others and they bought it and it worked for them as well.

The exercises are good you don't have to spend an inordinate amount of time doing them.  To all those who do it.....stick to it and you will lose. Good luck!  Jackie

Diet Bites Reader Geoff's Review of 6 Week Body Makeover Program

Geoff said: Howdy Folks - Just wanted to say that I tried Michael Thurmond's plan after seeing his infomercial. The first thing that struck me was his claim that not all people lose weight the same way.

Now that really resonated with me because I had noticed that certain foods and combinations had differing effects on my weight. That said, I tried the program. It works great! It's healthy, varied and effective.

One caveat: It takes work, and you have to like to cook. Thanks! Geoff  from Kingston, Washington  

Diet Bites Reader Dennis' Review of 6 Week Body Makeover Program

Dennis said: I stumbled across an online review of Michael Thurmond's 6 week makeover plan...I have been using it since June 7th and have lost 60 lbs...So I am definitely one of those "satisfied" customers. Dennis, Charleston SC

Diet Bites Reader Cheri's Review of 6 Week Body Makeover Program

Cheri said: I have been on so many diets but this one is different or at least I was ready to stick to one and reach my goals. The first week alone I lost 9 pounds! I went from 190 to 181. I am still plugging away and am very happy eating healthier and I am never starving myself. This program has definitely worked for me! Cheri

Diet Bites Reader Sike's Review of 6 Week Body Makeover Program

Silke said:  I am very pleased to give you a review of the Michael Thurmond 6 Week Body Makeover. I feel it's the best investment I've ever made for my health and well being.

I started the plan 16 weeks ago and have went from being 162.5 to 134.5 pounds. I was a woman's size 12 and am now a 6. I actually reached my goal of 138 after 11 weeks, but the changes are still taking place!

This plan is not for everyone, but if you are mentally ready to change, it's worth a try.

No salt, sugar, fat or dairy scares a lot of people off. I had done Somersizing (Suzanne Somer's plan) before and I knew reducing my sugar intake makes a huge difference in my moods and cravings.

I'm a sugar addict and used to binge on some awful things. Weight Watchers never worked for me in the long term because it was too easy for me to cheat and justifyit with my points calculator.

A lot of foods you can eat on WW are trigger foods for me, so it just wasn't something I could stick to.

Admittedly, I did not exercise until I reached my goal weight. I've been exercising for about a month now.

Just 30 minutes a day with my Leslie Sansone 2 Milk Walk Away The Pounds tapes.

This and following the plan 6 days per week has helped me to lose even more weight than I had planned. I now feel like I'm cheating myself if I don't at least do my 30 minutes.

The most important things for me about this plan were that I learned to choose, cook and eat healthy foods.

Previously, I hated cooking and ate lots of frozen food and quickie meals.

I made my health a priority and it's reflected in my daily food choices now. I know I am a much healthier and more energetic person since starting this plan.

I have low self esteem, but the physical changes and the knowledge that I have taken control ofmy life have helped my confidence tremendously.

This has been the best eating plan in my 35 years of existence! I highly recommend it! Thank you, Silke - Sunnyvale, CA

Diet Bites Reader Donna's Review of 6 Week Body Makeover Program

Donna reported her personal experience with the Michael Thurmond Makeover America Plan to Diet Bites as follows:

I lost the perfect amount of weight and I was NEVER hungry - OR exhausted from an undoable amount of exercise. I only had 30 lbs. to lose, and it melted off, week after week. mostly in inches at first. By the end of the 6 weeks (which I actually continued for about a year) - my entire body was toned and in a word, "perfect". I am not exaggerating!!

What I found was this was not just a "diet". It became a way of life. I cooked on Sundays and packed my freezer with pre-cooked meats and my refrigerator with fresh fruits, veggies, and eggs. I always had a 2 oz. piece of chicken in my purse. Many people laughed at me at first, but after just a couple (maybe 2 or 3) weeks, I had more people asking me exactly what I was doing - and asking me to write down "the formula". it was really incredible!!

However, I have to admit that I did have a nice foundation to work from - I knew that I had packed on those pounds over a nicely shaped figure - as a teen & into my twenties, I worked out 4-5 days a week pretty intensely, but after kids and at 37, I was comfortable sacrificing that figure. Not anymore! This is my way of life. knowing that it is "still there" is all the motivation I need. I give it two thumbs up!  Donna - Elk Grove Village, IL

Diet Bites Reader Joe's Review of 6 Week Body Makeover Program

Joe said: The Michael Thurmond Six Week Body Makeover plan is great!  I actually got on the plan by accident.  My wife ordered everything and after two weeks, quit cold turkey. She said it was too hard and I made fun of her.

Then she challenged me to stick to the plan. I had been to my doctor the week before and was thinking about going on the plan with her.  

Several of my readings were not good including cholesterol, blood pressure and I came up as a borderline for the diabetic workup. So I took her up on her challenge!

Eight weeks later, I am thirty-five pounds lighter.

I have another doctor's visit scheduled in four weeks so I am trying to drop another five pounds before that time, which I think that I can certainly accomplish. My doctor is going to be pleased, unlike my wife who is still giving me rotten looks.

The exercise plan is great but I have increased my activity level and that has really helped me to stay focused.  I also feel much better that I am moving again.

And the more that I move, the better that I feel.  I still like fifty more pounds that I need to drop but I'm sticking with the plan (even if my wife didn't).  Thanks a bunch, Diet Bites. Joe, Tyler, Texas  

Fran said:  I am 51 years old and went into early menopause at 44. I had been a vegetarian for a good part of 28 years.

When I hit 44 and not really thinking of menopause I had gained weight. I am not a heavy person , I am 5,1", always weighed 98 to 100 lbs and have a very small frame.

I am not bulimic or anorexic, have not written to anyone before about diets, not obsessed, so when you read on please get she's got to be kidding out of your thought process and hopefully read on  and  I am also active and health conscious.

I am not one of the people that has to go thru all the things most people do when dieting, except I have a huge sugar habit. Well anyway I went up to 118 within 2 years, now mind you that is a lot of weight for my frame (all relative) I don't expect to be 98 lbs obviously but I had (no kidding 29% body fat) I was fat for the first time in my life, for my size and my frame.  

So you would think well no problem she should be able to lose that quickly. Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So for the next 5 years I proceeded to do anything I could to get my metabolism, hormones etc back to normal, engaged in working out with personal trainers etc. Stopped being vegetarian 3 years ago, started more low carb protein based eating and lost 5 pounds. lbs. mind you over 2 years, still hormonally not great because if I even looked at a bowl of pasta or sandwich, boom 5 lbs came right back.

So I investigated Suzanne Somers,didn't work for me, Southbeach, thought I would die in the first 2 weeks lost only 3 lbs and gained more back as soon as I started eating normal. My normal is good by the way not bad.

Then I came upon Dr Perricone's work and yeah!!!! something clicked, appropriate fats , good grains lifestyle change made so easy because I cook and take care of myself anyway nice refinement to what I was doing already, so no problem and I love fish etc. So Got to 110 and pretty consistent, but I knew even with exercise notable to lower body fat percentage only went to 27% body fat and still slightly uncomfortable and bottom heavy.

Then I saw Thurmond's book 6 day Makeover. Yeah!!  My type is c according to him, and I believe he is on to something important because everyone is different and even though I am not a heavy person doesn't mean I may not be overweight for my size and frame.

I love eating and his plan allowed me so much food and I felt great eating my brown rice again which I wouldn't look at before because I would blow up and the way he combines things has worked well for me.

This food is so easy for me to have because I have eaten similarly with grains and vegetables in my vegetarian years and with now being a meat eater no problem to cook, His book has wonderful recipes and the most important thing I have to comment on is that I have curtailed my sugar habit. (don't get me wrong I indulge occasionally) but I really have no urges like before. The word SATIETY is really true with his work. Also able to drop another 4 lbs over 10 days (this has never happened to me) and so far I am remaining at 106-7, but feel great. No  torture, just good food and appropriate for my type.

Now I have only read his book didn't order the plan am looking to see if I need any more info so saw your site online and your positive review and now may order it, for his support and workouts, still need to tighten up a little more and  down to 25% body fat. So I think this is it for me, I have finally after 4 years searching everywhere, trying everything, this is for me.

I am also writing because there are people who only need to lose 10 lbs, who can't do it for years, who need to get into balance and we're always looked at as slightly neurotic. We are health conscious people who also need help in refining as we get older. we need the right changes not so we can have a adolescent body, but for us to maintain our health. Don't discount the 10 to 15 lb  overweight small people out in your comments, we gain  weight too, although sometimes being looked at being ridiculous, or it should be made easy. It isn't so this has been a 5 year thing for me for a big 5-6 lbs that will stay off I believe with his lifestyle changes.

So Michael Thurmond I say Thank You from the bottom of my heart, you were the missing link, this is not a diet it is lifestyle refinement and healthy eating and wish I could get a personal consult to see if there is any more refinement I can do. Wish he had personal trainers trained by him in New York! Good luck to all out there trying to get healthy!  Fran

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