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Review of the Michael Thurmond Makeover America Six Week Body Makeover System

Written by Diet Bites

6 Week Body Makeover Program Independent Review by Diet Bites

The infomercial opened with Michael Thurmond driving down Route 66 in a classic, hot, red corvette sporting a leather jacket that would do the Bonanza Boys proud.

Michael Thurmond appears to be a buff, middle-aged, attractive fitness guru and does a bang-up job of representing the Six Week Body Makeover System.

But - does it work? And, is it just another fad diet lacking a South Beach or an in-Zone? Is it fad or fab?

Here's the Diet Buzz on the Mike's Makeover System based on the infomercial, as well as a review of the Makeover System by Diet Bites.

The Claim: over 500,000 dieters have been put to the test using Michael Thurmond's Makeover America System and lost 70 to 150 pounds in a matter of months by combining the following:

- the right information (the dieter identifies the 'right information' via a series of questions, which we found quite interesting and potentially valuable information to anyone planning to go on a diet plan);

- Michael Thurmond's customized plan which is based on 'secrets revealed by Provido Life Sciences'

The weight came off and stayed off according to Michael Thurmond.

The "cornerstone" of the plan is customization and an exercise sculpturing program. Supposedly, each of us respond and react differently to foods.  The dieter will supposedly know how their metabolism works in as little as 6 weeks.  They will then be able to eat more and exercise less.

Michael Thurmond's Metabolism Theory: We have to eat to lose weight. We must eat the right foods. We can eat more foods that cause us to lose weight.

Exercise is formulated through blueprinting, not the standard - but a lot more fun!  The dieter sculptures their body with exercise, using only the exercises that work for them - which again, is established by the dieter.

Okay, let's take a pause here.  The body is indeed a moldable object, but once we reach the mold that was laid out by Mother Nature, we conform to that shape.

Toning via exercise and free weights will indeed firm up the body and we can achieve impressive results using these weight loss/fitness tools.  However, if a woman has a small chest, it's only going to get so large, and so firm.  Two olives are two olives.  Two cantaloupes are two cantaloupes. Same with the guys. If Mother Nature equipped your body with a deflated booty, it's going to be very difficult to accomplished little mountains of steel.  

So use common knowledge and expect impressive results but not miraculous results - as you should with all diet plans. In reviewing Michael Thurmond's Six Week Body Makeover, 'Impressive' stood out to us. They aren't promising miracles - and that's a thumb's up from Diet Bites.

With that said, the dieter should also keep something else in mind before striking out on ANY diet plan, especially when they desire more than 50 pounds of weight loss.  It's going to take more than 6 weeks to accomplish weight loss goals whenever a dieter is wanting to drop a fair amount of weight.  If you have a lot of weight to lose, Michael's plan will help you put a big dent in that, given six weeks of devotion to the body makeover.

The fact that Michael Thurmond's 6 Week Body Makeover does encourage exercise is a plus in our Diet Books. Exercise is a very good foundation for weight loss success. Fifteen to eighteen minutes of exercise, 2 times per week is moderate - and that is Michael's recommendation.

So many diet plans and weight loss programs set out an hour or more per day of back-breaking exercise which ends up sabotaging the dieter almost from the beginning of the diet plan.

Bottom line: What's this going to cost the dieter?

4 payments at $19.99 totaling $110 which includes shipping and handling charges.  A mini makeover 1 week plan, a $30.00 value, is included with the package that you can use to jumpstart your diet

Also included is a support package, unlimited access to their website, and it's all risk free, claiming 30 pounds of weight loss in 6 weeks or a money back guarantee. All of this - a $370 value is free for life. Given the cost of bandwidth, site maintenance, hosting charges - all the stuff that readers don't see that's an intricate part of website upkeep - at $110, this plan is a heck of a deal.

Michael Thurmond encourages the dieter to take the plan to their doctor for review.  In addition, there is a staff of doctors who are endorsing the diet, one of which has been using the diet plan for over 14 years.  This mirrors satiety and is a good measure of the effectiveness of the plan - although I don't think I'd want to be on this diet for 14 years.

Other Diet Perks:

- A restaurant guide is included, which is really a very nice perk.

- Body sculpturing bands are also included for the exercise routine.

- A plan for weight maintenance is included.  The fact that a support plan is in place makes the 6 Week Body Makeover more valuable.

- There is also a free forum.

- A video with Michael Thurmond is also included. Oh goody - more leather and if that doesn't motivate, nothing will!

As part of the research for the Six Week Body Makeover System, we performed searches online trying to find success stories because those do indeed temper the value of the product.  We discovered a mix - where dieters were either thrilled or where the Six Week Body Makeover wasn't the plan that worked for them.  

- We found a growing base of dieters who absolutely loved the diet plan.

- We found a few dissatisfied customers - which will happen with any diet plan.  At this time, the base of satisfied dieters far exceed dissatisfied dieters.  The chief complaint?  That it was time consuming - but that is a key to Diet Success, taking time to find what works for you.

During our review of the diet plan, we were concerned about a potential electrolyte imbalance due to the combination of a lot of water and certain food combining, and so this indeed is a concern with the diet plan.  We would recommend that the dieter stick with the standard 8 cups of water per day - and up that amount during increased activity.  Water is very important to your diet, but it's also vital that you don't overdo.

In Summary

- Michael Thurmond was very forthright, inviting dieters to take the diet plan to their doctors for a professional review. That's a huge plus in our Diet Books!  We would only add that the dieter take Michael's advice and let your doctor review the plan, because if certain underlying health conditions exist, only your doctor knows best.  Note however, that you should take ANY diet plan that you are considering to your doctor for approval.

- Michael's Makeover is backed by a team of doctors, which also appeared forthright.  That too is a huge plus!

- Exercise and a healthy diet is encouraged in the diet plan. Again, huge plus!

- A money back guarantee is in place. Very huge plus!

- A support system is in place for the dieter. Very, very huge plus!  

- The Makeover isn't a dull weight loss program where the dieter robotically spins their diet off a boring list of bland foods at the BEGINNING of the diet plan. Again, big plus!  If it's not interesting and fun, then the diet plan will quickly get sucked down the tubes.  However, due to bland foods day in and day out, the diet eventually may become dull and boring.  Spices only go so far.

- Michael's Makeover is reasonably priced and they have developed a 'budget payment plan' so to speak, so as the dieter doesn't have to shell out all the money at once. Another plus from us!

- The package is very nicely presented. Plus!

Based on this information, the Six Week Makeover America System may be an effective mode of achieving weight loss success by many dieters.

As a note, Diet Bites has not contacted the Makeover America folks and our review is made independently, without influence. We hope this review is of help to you in determining if this diet program would benefit you.

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