Magic Bullet Recipe
Diet Friendly Texas BBQ Beef

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Delicious Magic Bullet Texas BBQ Beef Recipe

Our Magic Bullet recipe for diet-friendly Texas BBQ beef is the result of a bad-weather incident during the holidays.

Our family had decided that they couldn't face another turkey for Christmas as they'd had their fill for Thanksgiving. It was decided that the Christmas dinner would consist of our pot roast, and my brother's and son's grilled meat.

When unexpected foul weather moved in and snow entered the forecast, I was left with two, 5-pound rump roasts on my hands. Living over two hour's from the family had prevented us from attending Christmas dinner.

Nonetheless, we prepared one rump roast by searing it on top of the stove in a bit of olive oil, then we added it to a deep pot filled with whole carrots, whole peeled potatoes, an onion and about 3 cups of water and baked it at 350-degrees for about two and 1/2 hours. The result was quite delicious - and even better, was very calorie wise.

On the other hand, there wasn't any way that my husband Tom and I could gnaw our way through five pounds of rump roast.

We try to 'steer' away from beef as is, opting for fish and chicken to assist in meeting recommended dietary protein requirements. I considered freezing the remaining beef, then I thought about how tender the beef was - and with that thought, chopped BBQ sprung to mind. The result was a BBQ so delicious that it might scare BBQ restaurants - and it was so easy. Here's our recipe...

Recipe Ingredients & How to Prepare Texas BBQ Beef

You will only need the cooked beef and your favorite BBQ sauce to prepare this recipe. You might add some buns and pickles to your grocery list so you can make a delicious BBQ Beef sandwich.

I used the following steps:

- Cut cooked rump roast into small chunks.

- Add beef cubes to your Magic Bullet.

- Add your favorite BBQ sauce.

- Chop with the chopping blade.

Keep using this technique until all the meat is gone. Be sure not to overload your Magic Bullet or this will produce undesirable chunks of beef. You're looking for a chopped beef texture.

Diet BBQ Recipe IngredientOnce you have all your beef chopped and coated in BBQ sauce, place in a sealed container and return to the fridge so sauce has time to sink into the beef. We recommend about 4 hours as that was our timeline.

To prepare, simply heat slowly in the oven or on the stove top. Serve on a small bun with a bit of sliced onion and pickles if desired.

Calories, Servings

To calculate calories, 3 ounces of cooked, extra lean rump roast contains about 150 calories. Check the label on your BBQ sauce for calorie content. Weigh beef before adding sauce, then add BBQ sauce calories to the beef calories to get your total caloric content. To determine calories per serving, divide total calorie content by number of servings.

We've frozen our leftovers for use at a later date.



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