Magic Bullet Blender Recipe for
Smooth Skinny Pudding

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Instant pudding has never looked or tasted smoother than when prepared in the Magic Bullet.

There's a twist to our low calorie, low fat pudding recipe that may have you doing the Lady Godiva while screaming for Diet Joy.  

Pudding varies greatly in caloric values depending upon the brands and recipes used. For example:

1/2 cup of prepared regular chocolate pudding made with 2% milk contains about 150 calories.

If we prepare our chocolate pudding with whole milk the caloric value jumps 40 - 50 calories.

If we use low calorie, sugar free chocolate pudding and prepare it using skim milk then the caloric value dips to about 80 calories per serving.

As we can easily see, the ingredients that we use in our favorite recipes greatly influence the total calories contained in the recipe. Opting for lower calorie ingredients containing less fat equals impressive weight loss results.

On that note - grab your Magic Bullet and let's discover a nifty weight loss pudding secret.

Magic Bullet Recipe for Smooth Skinny Pudding

You will need the following ingredients:

pin_red.gif 1 box of VANILLA sugar free, fat free instant pudding

pin_red.gif skim or low fat milk as called for on packet of pudding

Pour skim milk and pudding into Magic Bullet using the long filling tube. Next, add the magic ingredient:

pin_red.gif 1 recommended serving of your favorite flavor of liquid creamer. Tom and I go gaga over the Eggnog Coffee-Mate holiday flavor. You can opt for the low fat version to save a few calories if you wish.

How to Prepare Our Skinny Pudding Recipe

Whip the ingredients in the Magic Bullet, then pour into serving dishes.  We like our pudding ice cold - so you may wish to prepare the recipe about an hour ahead of serving time.

Pudding Tips for Dieters

pin_red.gif The type of milk used when preparing your pudding matters where calories are concerned.

Regular milk contains 160 calories per eight ounces - which equals one cup. Milk that is 2% fat contains about 130 calories per 8 ounces. Fat free, skim and reduced fat milk vary in caloric values but on average contain 80 to 110 calories per eight ounces.

While attending our state fair this year we were able to view an on-hands demonstration of a dairy cow being milked.

The gentleman (a cowboy) who was overseeing the event told the crowd something that has stuck with me and it's actually quite humorous. He said that whole milk is about 3% milk-fat, therefore it's 97% fat free. Where 2% milk is concerned, it's 98% fat free. You know, he was right, too - but what a wonderful way of putting things.

If we can think like this then that favorite cheesecake that we love which is 18% fat is actually 72% fat free. Such a lovely thought.

pin_red.gif Sugar also matters where caloric content is concerned. Opting for sugar substitutes can save tons of calories but take note if you're suddenly getting sicker or developing allergic reactions to things that you never have in the past.

Skinny Pudding RecipeYour immune system may be impacted via sensitivity to sugar substitutes.

pin_red.gif Finally, the ingredients that we add to our pudding impacts total calories. Let's take our skinny 70 calorie serving of fat free, sugar free instant pudding.

Now let's add a half a sliced banana to the pudding. Now we're up to a minimal 120 calories. Not bad for a serving of dairy and a serving of fruit.

Now....let's add 1 serving of vanilla wafers to the pudding to create a lovely banana pudding. That's an additional 150 calories. Now our skinny pudding contains almost 300 calories. But wait - let's top our pudding with whipped cream. Now we've completely gone overboard in the area of calories. We now have so many calories that we could have enjoyed a small chili from Wendy's for a little over 200 calories OR two roasted chicken breasts from KFC.

In Summary: Even dieters can enjoy their pudding and lose weight too. They just need to exercise a bit of caution where ingredients are concerned, opting for the lower calorie, lower fat versions.



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