Magic Bullet Recipe for Slim Moo Shake

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

A diet shake that fits moo-vuss-ly into your weight loss plan. Another Skinny Shake recipe from Diet Bites.

Looking for a nutritious, low calorie, low fat treat for your weight loss plan that's filling and will actually help you lose weight faster?  And safer?

We created the Slim Moo Shake in this original Magic Bullet Recipe that you'll only find at Diet Bites.  

Unless you've been doing a Rip Van Winkle for the last 40 years then you've most assuredly heard that milk has been shown in health studies to increase the rate of weight loss among dieting individuals.

Milk is filling, it's wholesome, it's a member of the official Dairy Group housed within that big-old Food Pyramid, it's healthy and it support bone health. If you want whiter teeth you may do better drinking milk as your regular beverage rather than spending a small fortune on teeth whiteners.

Magic Bullet Recipe for Slim Moo Shake

This Magic Bullet Recipe makes 1 nice-size drink that can be enjoyed as a nutritious snack, or a bedtime soother. You can even warm it up if you like.  You will need the following ingredients:

pin_red.gif 1 cup of ice cold skim, low fat or reduced fat milk

pin_red.gif 2-3 packets of Splenda or Equal if extra sweetness is desired OR you can use a spoon of granulated sugar

pin_red.gif 1 teaspoon of your favorite extract (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, lemon, rum, maple, etc.)

Pour skim milk, sweetener and extract into the Magic Bullet's long filling tube; attach the whipping blade and place onto Magic Bullet. Whirl until thick and frothy - about 5 seconds.

How to Prepare Our Skim Shake Recipe

To take this recipe up a notch simply add a small container of low fat vanilla yogurt - or your favorite light yogurt flavor that compliments the extract you add. You can even share the Skinny Shake if you are concerned about the increased caloric value due to the addition of the yogurt.

If you use a sugar free, low fat yogurt that contains 70 calories along with 80 calorie per cup skim milk, your Moo Shake will only contain a tiny 150 calories. That's quite a good deal based on a rich shake.

Serving Suggestions for Slim Moo Shake

Serve your skinny shake with a light sandwich for lunch or dinner. Opt for whole grain goodness bread, lean cuts of meat, lettuce, tomato and mustard.

Enjoy a homemade hamburger with your skinny shake. Opt for the smaller buns to save calories; use only the best quality of ground beef - less fat equals far less calories.

Diet Shake RecipeTop with a vegetable mix of lettuce, tomato and onion. You can even add reduced fat cheese for about 50 calories to your burger as well as a strip of bacon that has been cooked in the microwave for an additional 25 calories.

Be sure to use either light, fat reduced Mayo or mustard on your burger. Take note that the honey mustard is substantial in caloric values so you might wish to stick with traditional yellow mustard or spicy brown mustard.

Tacos and skinny shakes were made to be with one another. Use corn shells for 50 calories each; stuff with seasoned ground beef and vegetable mixture. Top with salsa if desired. Again, use the leanest cut of ground beef available. My favorite seasonings for taco meat are ground chili powder and ground cumin. Delicious!



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