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Magic Bullet Review & Magic Bullet Blender Recipes

Written by Diet Bites

The Magic Bullet infomercial should receive an award for casting and creativity.  

The cast is quite enchanting.  We've got Mic and Mimi, the "I Hate Broccoli Guy", a cute old lady holding an unlit cigarette, a sport's guy and a couple of adorable looking Betty Rubble housewives who claim they will find use for the Magic Bullet every day.  We agree!

Tom and I have got burned by a few infomercials in the past and when I told him that I had ordered the Magic Bullet, he said that he had thought about doing such himself because it looked so fun and useful. But like me, he was hesitant over infomercials.

Be forewarned that the Magic Bullet commercial is addictive.  I've watched it at least six times - and it tends to be on the telly late at night.  In fact, that's how I came across this dandy little, streamlined kitchen tool. And when I finally got some sleep and remembered placing the order, I thought, "Oh shoot!  What did I do? Get entangled in the Traveling Snakeoil Salesman's marketing pitch?"

And then it arrived - a few five days later.  It was packaged beautifully -- and carefully.  And there THEY sat - because there were two of the Magic Bullets - a perk for ordering during infomercial time.  The infomercial suggested that the free Magic Bullet makes a great gift. Unfortunately, anyone that I get gifts for would have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

We could bore you with the contents of the Magic Bullet Box - but what for?  The infomercials demonstrates completely what you get.

I suppose that I should mention that (unfortunately) Tom and I do not know the Magic Bullet folks nor do we have an agreement to pitch their product.  

This article is intended as an independent review of the Magic Bullet and is merely an expression of our opinion and our experience with the product.

We've got a ton of Magic Bullet recipes that we've whipped up that are low calorie, low fat - and are intended to assist with weight loss.

We hope that these Magic Bullet recipes will dazzle your diet.  

As a footnote, I believe that the Magic Bullet actually saved the life of our little sick ferret, Vin Weasel - combined with his vet's savvy advice.

Diet Bites Magic Bullet Blender Recipes for Your Diet Plan

Texas Chopped BBQ |  Chocolate Shake  |  Cherry Whip  |  10 Carrot Magic Bullet Pudding

Whispering Thongdance Slimming Shake  |  Diet Pineapple Rummy  |  Slim Moo Shake

Smooth Skinny Pudding  |  Creamy Coolslaw  |  Sail the 7 Seas for Skinny Tartar Sauce

Cranberry-Orange Wheatberry Sandwich  |  Skinny Broccoli Cheese Soup  |  Peter Cottontale's Carrot Soup

Hearth Bread | Ten-Pence Cappuccino  |  Nutcracker Yams  |  Skinny Magic Bullet Cocoa

Magic Bullet Slim Shake Recipes

Our original recipes for these slim shakes can be prepared with a Magic Bullet - or in a blender. Cheers to weight loss!

Magic Bullet Blender Tips

Diet Tips | Gravy Tips | Warm Cereal Tips | Beverage Tips  

Overweight & Overwhelmed  | Tortilla Soup Recipes


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