Magic Bullet Diet Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet shakes made with wholesome milk can assist weight loss in a healthy way.

The Magic Bullet can assist your diet plan in pulling off pounds in a variety of ways.

You can create healthier sauces, soups, puddings and even some snazzy low calorie slim shakes that are extra light on the waist - yet contain the nutrition of milk and fruit - both proud members of the official Food Pyramid - the Dairy Group and the awesome Fruit Group.

On that note, we'd like to share our list of diet tips and quick low calorie, low fat recipes that we use with our Magic Bullet that may be of help to you while dieting.  

Even if you're not dieting this kitchen tool can assist in saving time amid preparation as well amid the clean-up phase. It's a keeper - for certain.

Whether you're in the mood for salsa or for pudding, these recipes can come to the rescue as they are low in caloric content and offer many healthy nutritional benefits.

Magic Bullet Diet Tips & Low Calorie Recipes for Your Weight Loss Plan

pin_red.gif Create low calorie salsa in your Magic Bullet rather than avocado or sour cream based dips. You'll need fresh tomatoes - and the sweeter the better. This means vine-ripened and fresh-picked. If you have a garden - then all the better. You'll also need jalapeno peppers which provide the heat in the salsa. And you'll need a green bell pepper and an onion, preferably white as well as a small bunch of cilantro.

I begin by dunking my fresh large tomatoes in a pot of boiling water. When the skins start to crack and shrivel then I quickly remove the tomato. Once it's cool enough to handle I can easily remove the skins and place the red, juicy sweet flesh into the refrigerator to cool while I'm chopping the vegetables in the Magic Bullet.

As to the cilantro, I prefer to chop that by itself as it tends to be very tender and it only takes a couple of seconds to perform this task.

The jalapeno should first be split and seeded, the stem area removed. The same applies to the bell pepper. As to the jalapeno be sure to handle this baby with kid gloves - literally. Don't even think about touching anywhere on your face, particularly your eyes as the oils of the  jalapeno are extremely hot.

The onion will need to be peeled and quartered. Be sure to cut the peppers into smaller portions as well. Place them along with the onion into the Magic Bullet and chop. This will only take a couple of seconds. Remove and then pulverize the tomatoes in the Magic Bullet. Stir all of the vegetables together. Add a dash of hot sauce if desired or a spoon of chili powder.

How to Save Calories in Recipes Using the Magic Bullet & Smarter, Healthier Ingredients

pin_red.gif Opt for the green and red based pasta sauces over the white creamy ones. You can prepare tomato sauce in your Magic Bullet using vine-ripened tomatoes and your spice rack.

pin_red.gif Keep in mind that the Magic Bullet volumnizes many foods so well - so you feel like you're getting more, for less! When using ingredients that create volume be sure to use the tall container to allow room for the food to expand. Otherwise it will force its way out of the container and create a big mess.

pin_red.gif As recommended on the Magic Bullet infomercial, be sure to keep your Magic Bullet on your countertop. I had to retrain myself to reach for the Bullet rather than my old bulky blender.

pin_red.gif If you have a baby or little one, the Magic Bullet makes nutritious foods that are smooth and healthier than processed jars of baby food. The Magic Bullet allows YOU to control the ingredients.

pin_red.gif If you have a pet, the Magic Bullet may come in very handy - particularly with older pets.  We have a sickly ferret who probably would have died if not for the Magic Bullet.  I simply ground up his regular food with a vet-recommended 'pet friendly milk', added a bit of Nutra-cal and our Vin Weasel started eating again. His dietary needs were paired with vet visits that incorporated medications to help his condition improve and the combination is working very well.



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