Magic Bullet Recipe for Diet Pineapple Rummy

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Like pineapple and on a weight loss plan?

Then you just may fall in love with our Pineapple Rummy Skinny Shake...

Our Diet Pineapple Rummy shake features the mellow flavor of rum extract and makes an exotic drink for festive occasions. Wow your friends AND your diet at the same time!

What's so great about pineapple?

If it's frozen pineapple this means it will take longer to eat than it's fresh peer. A one-half cup serving of sweetened pineapple contains about 105 calories and a burst of Vitamin C - 19.6 mg per cup and 8.3 per one-half cup serving.

Vitamin C can boost your immune system so that you aren't as susceptible to contracting certain illnesses like the flu or the common cold.

For fresh unsweetened pineapple the caloric values decrease significantly at 82 calories per 1 cup of pineapple chunks.

Pineapple is also extremely low in dietary fat content. One large pineapple contains only 1.09 grams of total dietary fat. Imagine that! And the entire fruit contains only 452 calories.

Magic Bullet Recipe for Diet Pineapple Rummy Shake

This Magic Bullet Recipe makes four nice-sized skinny shakes. You will need the following ingredients to prepare this diet recipe:Diet Shake Recipe

pin_red.gif 1 cup of ice cold skim milk

pin_red.gif 2-3 packets of Splenda or Equal if extra sweetness is desired

pin_red.gif 1 cup of drained chunk pineapple (fresh or canned)

pin_red.gif 1 teaspoon of rum extract

pin_red.gif 8 Tablespoons of thawed LIGHT whipped topping (15 - 20 calorie variety) OR you can use real whipped cream in a can which contains the same number of calories per serving.

How to Prepare Our Magic Bullet Diet Pineapple Rummy Shake

Pour skim milk, sweetener, pineapple and rum extract into the Magic Bullet's long filling tube; attach the whipping blade and place onto Magic Bullet.  Whirl until thick and frothy - about 5 seconds. Be sure to use the tall tube because milk expands during the whipping phase.

Pour immediately into serving glasses. Top skinny shakes with topping or real whipped cream. Decorate the rim of the glass with a pineapple wedge.  

You will need to fill the Magic Bullet a couple of times in order to produce entire recipe.  

For a different, unique flavor opt to use brown sugar - either light or dark brown sugar in place of the sugar substitute. It will contain a few more calories - one teaspoon of unpacked brown sugar contains about 11 calories. If it's packed then the caloric value increases to 17 per teaspoon.

Cherries also make a lovely addition to this skinny shake. Jarred maraschino cherries contain about 10 calories each and can be added to the milk mixture with the pineapple to create a pineapple-cherry mixture. In this event, omit the rum extract from the diet recipe and opt for vanilla extract which better-compliments the flavor combination of pineapple and cherry. Whispering Thongdance Slim Shake Recipe



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