Magic Bullet Recipe for
Peter Cottontale's Carrot Soup

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Our delicious and easy to prepare Carrot Soup recipe for your weight loss plan.

Carrot soup may not be one of the more popular soups but our recipe may help pave the way for its breakthrough... Move over chicken soup and make way for the Ominous Carrot.

Tom and I love how the Magic Bullet turns carrots into a golden wand of nutrition. We've never had carrots whip up so smoothly as they do in our Magic Bullet.

Carrots are a super food low in dietary fat and calories but are perhaps best known for their Vitamin A content. The current RDA for Vitamin A is 1,500 micrograms/5,000 IU per day.

Carrots may even prevent and control some types of cancer as well as be beneficial in the fight against diabetes. It can also fight against infection as well as support vision health.

Other foods that are rich in color tend to also hold strong Vitamin A content.

To prepare this diet Carrot Soup recipe you'll need to grab your Magic Bullet and the whipping blade. You'll want to use the large tube to load the following ingredients.

Magic Bullet Recipe for Peter Cottontale's Carrot Soup

Load the following ingredients into your Magic Bullet using the large loading tube and then whirl for about six seconds:

pin_red.gif 1 small bag of raw carrots that have been cooked until fork tender. OR you can use 1 package of frozen carrots - fully cooked and you'll want to thaw them before processing. If you like the flavor of canned carrots you can use those instead of frozen or fresh. Be sure to thoroughly drain before processing in the Magic Bullet.

pin_red.gif 1 cup of skim or low fat milk OR you can use Half n Half for a richer Carrot Soup. Take note that this will impact caloric count.

pin_red.gif 1 Teaspoon of light or reduced fat margarine

pin_red.gif salt and pepper to suit your personal taste

pin_red.gif dash of ground cinnamon OR you can use pumpkin pie spice if you prefer which contains a mix of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and ginger.

How to Prepare Our Magic Bullet Carrot Soup Recipe

Place whipped ingredients into microwave and cook until smooth.  Be sure to use the vented lid while microwaving mixture.   The recipe for diet carrot soup Serves two generously.

To receive the healthy benefits of carrots consider the following when preparing meals in your humble kitchen:

Diet Carrot Soup Recipepin_red.gif Add carrots to stew. Start by braising a tiny bit of tender lean beef in a deep pot. Add diced onions, water and sliced raw carrots after the meat is almost done. Add beef bouillon cubes for additional flavor. Also add potatoes to the pot after the carrots are halfway through their cooking stage. To thicken use cornstarch.

pin_red.gif An assortment of raw vegetables including carrots are great for snack time and contain a tiny amount of calories so that you won't feel guilty while enjoying them. A dip of low fat yogurt or your favorite light salad dressing will help keep the caloric content low.

pin_red.gif Add dark or golden raisins to shredded carrots along with Light Miracle Whip. It's a delicious and very healthy salad.



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