Magic Bullet Recipe for Cherry Whip

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Whip your diet plan into shape with our delicious Cherry Whip Skinny Shake

Cherries have such a unique flavor. There's just no other fruit or food on the planet that tastes like they do.

And they are so skinny when it comes to caloric content:

One sweet cherry contains a skinny 5 calories.

One cup of cherries minus the pits has only 97 calories. And if the pits are still anchored inside the fruit, for one cup the calories shrink to 87.

That one cup of pitted cherries provides over 3 dietary fiber grams which can assist in satisfying appetite as fiber takes time to digest. And fiber also keeps the digestive system on track with your diet plan.

Cherries are a bit high in carbohydrates; one cup contains about 25 total carb grams and that's for pitted cherries.

Surprisingly, cherries also have protein content - 1.63 grams per pitted cup with only 0.31 total fat grams. If you're searching for healthy super foods to insert into your daily diet plan which contain calcium benefits, one cup of pitted cherries contains 20 mg's.

Diet Shake RecipeWhat about potassium content? They are rich with 342 mg per pitted cup. Bananas are known as super foods when it comes to potassium content but the cherry runs a strong race amid the competition. One cup of sliced banana contains 134 calories and 537 mg's of potassium. Based on 100 grams, bananas contain 89 calories and 358 mg's of potassium. Based on 100 grams, cherries contain 63 calories and 222 mg's of potassium.

If we increased our serving size to 1 cups of pitted cherries we'd end up with the following nutritional values: 146 calories, 513 mg's of potassium. Take that, Mister Banana!

Let's not forget the Vitamin C - 10.8 mg per pitted cup. Cherries contain zero cholesterol and are a good source of Phytosterols which can assist in lowering bad cholesterol.

Magic Bullet Diet Cherry Whip Recipe

You'll only need 3 ingredients for low calorie, dieter's dream Cherry Whip.

pin_red.gif 1 cup of frozen cherries (we recommend Dole's whole frozen cherries as they are deliciously sweet)

pin_red.gif Splenda or your favorite no calorie sweetener

pin_red.gif Light Cool Whip

How to Prepare Our Diet Cherry Whip Recipe

Simply load the small Magic Bullet tube with the frozen cherries adding a couple Tablespoons of tap water. Or, you can add a dash of skim or low fat milk or your favorite juice.

Add the sweetener according to personal level of sweetness, then attach the chopping blade. Pulsate until cherries turn into a sorbet mixture - about 5 seconds.

Carefully fold about 4 Tablespoons of whipped topping into the sorbet mixture OR if you prefer, serve topping on top.

Contains about 125 calories and serves 1 generously. 



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