Magic Bullet Blender Recipe
for Ten Pence Cappuccino

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Our delicious diet recipe for Cappuccino

Tom and I love the cappuccino served in convenience stores. However, we only enjoy it every now and then because convenience store cappuccino tends to be high in calories - about 130 calories per cup.

More pointedly, 130 calories per eight ounces. Everyone is so used to associating a container (cup) to a serving size when a cup equals eight ounces and not an ounce more.

That means that the large 24 ounce size contains almost 400 calories - as much as some milkshakes.  


The fat-free, sugar free versions contain a few calories less, but still - cappuccino tends to run high in caloric values.

Furthermore, it is running on empty where nutritional values are concerned - empty calories that add pounds to the body frame without adding significant nutritional benefits.

We've created a Magic Bullet recipe that contains the taste and texture of convenience store cappuccino yet is skinny on calories - about 70 calories per serving.  So if you like convenience store cappuccino - you just may love this Magic Bullet recipe for Ten Pence Cappuccino!

Magic Bullet Recipe for Ten Pence Cappuccino

Load the following ingredients into your Magic Bullet using the large loading tube and then whirl for about seven seconds using the whipping blade OR until very foamy.  Do not exceed 20 seconds.

pin_red.gif 2 Tablespoons of Hills Brothers Carb-Wise Cappuccino OR you can opt for your favorite Cappuccino mixture.

pin_red.gif 8 ounces of hot water (package calls for 6 ounces - so if you like your cappuccino full-bodied, use 6 ounces of water)

pin_red.gif shot of vanilla extract

Preparation Tips, Serving Suggestions & Calorie Information

What makes this recipe so lovely is that the Magic Bullet adds volume to the beverage and the extract boosts flavor.

You can also take this recipe up a notch by adding other spices and flavors to your Cappuccino - such as ground cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, almond extract or peppermint extract.

Diet Cappuccino RecipeA little trick that I use to boost flavor in coffee-based drinks is to add one Werther's Original or a square of caramel to the hot drink. Butterscotch discs are also lovely.

These all add a buttery flavor to the drink. Once the disk or square is added you'll need to stir to incorporate it into your beverage as it melts. Depending upon how hot your drink is, melting time varies.

One square of caramel candy or a Werther's Original contains about 35 calories. One butterscotch candy contains about 20 calories.

Be sure to check out the Werther's coffee flavored discs. These too are delicious in coffee-based beverages and contain about 25 calories each.



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