How to Reduce Calories in Pumpkin Pie

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Let's take Mister Jack O'Lantern down a few notches in the calorie department, shall we......


Pumpkin pie can be one of the healthier pie choices during the holidays - or frankly, any time of the year.

To reduce pie calories, Diet Bites examines the pie crust where a good deal of calories reside. In fact, they can add 80 to 250 calories on up to the piece of pie.

To cut these calories up to 50% percent in the crust, allow a store-bought uncooked pie crust reach room temperature. Cut the crust in half and use to make a second pie.

Next, cut the half-circle in half once again then arrange and press to form a circular disc. Roll the dough out in between two sheets of waxed paper until pie dough is paper thin. Line pie plate and fill with your favorite pumpkin pie filling.

Most pumpkin pie recipes produce enough filling for two pies or one very thick pie.

To cut calories in the pumpkin pie filling, let's examine the basic ingredients:

pumpkin pie recipe- canned OR fresh pumpkin (naturally low in calories & fat)
- sugar

- cream

- eggs

- spices such as cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg or the traditional pumpkin pie spice

To cut calories in the pumpkin pie filling, substitute the following in your recipe:

SUGAR: Replace Splenda for sugar. You'll need to use the baking version of Splenda which measures cup-to-cup for sugar.

This ingredient(sugar) is a big boy when it comes to caloric content. One innocent looking cup contains close to 800 calories.

There are no fat grams in sugar, and that's about the only bit of good news.

It just seems that most naughty ingredients and foods come in white, cauliflower aside.

Shortening, icing and cake frosting, vanilla ice cream, vanilla pudding and that little white goody-fluff inside of donuts and pastries.

If sugar was black in color, perhaps we'd give it more thought before we heaped it into our drinks, on our pre-sweetened cereals and yes, into our pie recipes.

EGGS:Replace with egg substitute. You'll not only save calories, you'll also save cholesterol grams which can clog our precious arteries and strangle the heart muscle. A one-fourth cup of egg substitute can replace one egg for about 25 to 30 calories depending upon the brand used.

That's about 1/2 the calories of a small egg and 1/4 the calories of a jumbo sized egg. Pumpkin pie recipes generally call for 2 eggs - so that is a substantial savings in both calories and cholesterol. For two jumbo eggs, how many cholesterol grams will you save? The answer is 468 grams mg.

CREAM: Replace regular canned cream with low fat OR reduced fat light cream. Up to 1/2 the caloric values can be saved.

By using the simple calorie-reducing tips above, we can cut our calories in half. Does this mean that we can now enjoy two slices of the pumpkin pie?, not unless we count these values towards our daily total, that is.

It does mean that we'll have more room in our diet menu for other healthy foods than we would have if we'd just eaten the full-blown pumpkin pie.

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