How Low Calorie Recipes Result in Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

A healthy change in the daily diet equals a healthy change in the numbers on the bath scales....


Let's face facts; we have to eat in order to live so if we want to keep our weight under control then we must take aggressive measures by trimming the fat and calories from our daily diet.

Many times, dieters will eliminate particular foods from their diet plan such as sugary soda, yeasty desserts, cookies, candy, gravy, butter, sour cream and ice cream. More often than not, doing such isn't enough to keep weight under control.

A bigger change in the daily diet is often necessary to succeed in both weight loss and weight maintenance.

While most of us don't want to hear this - in order to maintain our healthy recommended weight, we have to remain on a well-planned daily diet for the rest of our life.

We can't continue eating on a whelm, grazing on foods during the day, or eating in the late evening hours - deciding to worry about losing weight on the morrow. It just doesn't work because for most, tomorrow never comes as the plans for losing weight keep getting put on the back burner in favor of an evening bowl of hot buttered popcorn while we're relaxing and enjoying a movie - or two large glasses of our favorite regular soda - or a tall glass of cold milk and a stack or two of our favorite cookies.

Yes indeed, this weight maintenance thing is certainly troubling. For those who have ever been overweight - in order to stay at recommended weight, it's like we are continually wrestling with food. One day we might do well, the next we might surely fail.

So simply put, if any of the above situations are ringing a familiar bell, know that you aren't alone in the battle of weight loss as well as weight maintenance. It takes a lot of self-dedication, willpower and patience to battle and conquer weight-related issues.

While exercise can help us keep the weight off, as well as choosing healthier snacks, low calorie recipes for meal time are key. While running for 10 minutes solid might burn 200 calories for Dieter Dan, he can eat four times that amount in less than five minutes by sucking down a giant full-blown soda and a large candy bar.


This example is just one of many which shows that keeping the daily diet in check not only equals a trimmer, healthier shape - but also a lot less activity will be required in burning off those 'accidental calories amid weaker moments.

Here are dieting tips that can help slash caloric content as well as fat grams in homemade recipes - as well as in the common foods you may purchase at your local market.

Tips to Lower Calories at Meal Time

- Plan your meal menus in advance when possible. Before you even get to the dining table, decide what you're going to eat from the table and choose wisely based on the Food Groups: Fruit, Vegetable, Protein, Dairy and Grain. Limit your plate to single servings excepting vegetables that are very low in caloric content such as green beans which contain a skinny 20 calories per serving.

- Speaking of vegetables, keep them as close to their natural state as possible - even after cooking. Choose light, fat reduced margarine over regular. Try using less at the table. In time, you may be able to eat your vegetables without any margarine - just savoring the earthy flavors of Mother Nature's Good Gifts.

- Many common breakfast foods make healthy meals anytime of the day. If you've had a large lunch, enjoy a bowl of whole grain cereal for dinner.

- Switching dairy products from regular to skim can be harder than it sounds. Keep in mind that there are generally tiers where dairy foods are concerned. Milk starts at whole then moves to 2%, 1%, fat free and skim. If you don't like skim, try one of the in-between offerings that contains less dietary fat content.

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