Free Diet Plan Low in Calories

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Is a diet plan that is low in caloric content a good mode for weight loss?


Diet Bites contains hundreds of pages of free diet plans and menus. Here are just a few:

The Pyramid Diet™ -  Our Pyramid Diet is based on the USDA Food Pyramid daily food recommendations with the idea that when an individual eats the recommended daily calories for their recommended weight, the extra weight will naturally come off. Basically, it's the closest thing that one can get to a 'no-diet diet'. continue

The Best 3 Day Diet Plan - Getting portions under control can place an individual on the fast track to weight loss. While three to five-course meals may be the standard, the Diet Bites 3 Day Diet places the focus on one-food meals that are nutritious, which in turn assists the dieter by getting a handle on portion control. continue

Dieter's Guide to Fast Food Dining - If you’ve been led to believe that dieting means weeks on end without so much as a wink at a Fritoe Burrito, then open the door and come on inside. Don’t fret – there’s no cover charge and our fast food diet planner is totally free.   The ‘No Whining & Dining’ was written especially for you! click to continue

The Weekender Diet Plan - If you find dieting over the weekend to be a bit challenge, then you may have success losing weight on our Weekender plan where you get to take off from dieting. continue

Step by Step Diet Plan - We'll guide you through the process of losing weight in a very straight-forward method. Many times, a weight loss plan that is too complicated is doomed for failure before it even begins. By simplifying the weight loss process, it may be easier to reach your weight loss goal with less stress along the trip getting there. continue

The Shape of Things to Come - Whenever we experience a failed diet, almost 100% of the time we end up drifting back to our former unhealthy way of eating. But at some point in our future, our excess weight is highly apt to catch-up with us, and in the process may create a barrage of health woes. Losing those excess pounds now may remove all the negative health risks. continue


Super Foods Diet Plan - This short diet plan can assist in establishing a healthy pattern for eating. continue

Metabolism Booster Diet Plan - Does your sluggish metabolism need a boost in a healthy direction? We'll point you in the right direction. continue

Busy Day Diet Plan -  Too busy to lose weight and bother with detailed weight loss plans that go nowhere? We'll show you how you can drop those unwanted pounds in a simple manner without wasting your time. continue

Natural Diet Plan - Build around Mother Nature's sweet gifts - straight out of Father Earth. continue

30 Day Diet - You can use our extended weight loss plan as a pattern in creating low calorie meals as well as activity planning to assist in dropping those unwanted pounds quicker - and safely. continue

The Three Day Bride's Diet - You don't have to be a bride to enjoy this weight loss plan.  continue

And if you need a bit of weight loss motivation, we have that too!

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