Low Calorie Foods

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Can low calorie foods assist with healthy weight loss results?


There are times when dieting that a dieter feels like tossing everything into the wind and running to the nearest cookie. When those moments strike, a pantry full of low calorie foods can save the day!

One of the first things that should be a top priority when planning your diet is a food list - whether mentally noted or in a journal, of the foods that are low in caloric values which can be consumed when hunger strikes. And be sure - it will indeed strike at some point amid the diet plan.

Once the dieter culls through a list of foods that are low in caloric values, they should then start to pick and choose their favorites among the list.

Here is how Dieter Fiona accomplished such.

Fiona began her weight loss plan by making a personal pledge to herself that THIS TIME she would remain focused on her diet plan and lose all of the weight that was considered above her recommended accepted weight - or specifically, her healthy weight.

Next, she started contemplating an exercise plan that would assist in getting the pounds off quicker.

She had an advantage because she worked in a large city in the downtown area in an office high-rise.

There was a shopping mall located one building over - which served the downtown workers for sundry items, gifts for their boss and so forth. She decided to walk 30 minutes each work day at the mall. This suited her well because she had an hour for lunch. Generally, it took her about 10 minutes to eat and she played at her computer during the remainder of her lunch hour. For the weekends, she would enjoy walking at a local park.

Next, she started to plan the foods that she would like to add to her diet at meal times. Because there were so many variables to this aspect of her new diet, she decided to simply limit portions to single servings, avoid sauces, to only consume fifty calories or less beverages, and to enjoy three meals per day and one afternoon snack.

This is how Fiona's diet menu looked on any particular day as she continued to lose weight:

Breakfast: It always consisted of a bowl of warm or hot cereal based on weather conditions, along with a serving of fruit and a 1/2 of reduced fat milk which kept her within her beverage caloric budget of 50 calories or less. When lunch time arrived she had either a sandwich piled high with fresh healthy vegetables or she had a serving of soup and crackers. She always added milk and fruit to her meal at lunch.

For her one and only snack of the day, Fiona would review her diet menus - both breakfast and lunch and her dinner plans, and then she based her snack selection on the results. For example, if her daily menu was lacking in the Grain Group servings, she enjoyed a small bagel, a serving of popcorn or a rice cake for snack. If she was lean on protein, she chose a serving of lean jerky. If dairy requirements weren't being met, she opted for a serving of low calorie yogurt.

When fruit was lean - that was easy; she kept a small selection at her desk as that tended to be her favorite, and most popular snack. And if the menus were lacking nutrition from the Vegetable Group, she enjoyed a small bag or plate of fresh carrots, cucumbers, celery and other vegetables along with low calorie salad dressing or balsamic vinegar for only 5 calories per serving.

For two entire months, Fiona's diet plan went off smoothly - not even one trouble spot. At this stage, she had lost 30 of the 50 pounds which she needed to lose. And then it happened. One evening - quite out of the blue, Mister Hungry arrived on her Diet Doorstep, tempting her as she watched the fast food commercial on the television advertising scrumptious sundaes piled with chocolate fudge, strawberries, pineapples and nuts.

But because of her wise meal planning - as well as her emergency food list, she stayed true to her weight loss plan.

These are the foods that Fiona had chosen which are low in calories and are foods that she liked in her former unhealthy diet:

- canned green beans
- frozen fruits

- fresh fruits

- rice cakes, popcorn cakes

- pretzels

- jerky

- hot air popcorn
- frozen vegetable mixes (120 calories per bag)

Many of these low calorie foods were foods that she currently packed into her daily diet. But at this point she had a very large hole in her stomach that demanded to be filled - so she chose the bag of vegetables for 120 calories and she steamed them in her microwave. They were healthy, very low in caloric and fat content - and they were filling.

She went on to lose all of the unwanted weight in record time and has managed to keep it off permanently - all because of some very savvy meal planning.

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