Low Calorie Dessert Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Oh my, we've got something sweet tasting cooking in the kitchen....


Before we start to build our lower calorie dessert recipe, let's list the foods which contain nutritional values that can fit into our recipes because a dessert with substance is a dessert worth eating.

All of the following foods contain some form of nutritional value - some of course, more than others. However, one thing is set in stone; they are all sweet to start with.

Fruit Based Jams & Preserves: While high in sugar content, these foods at least contain ingredients which can be applied to the Fruit Group. Look for jams and preserves which contain a substantial amount of fruit rather than a substantial amount of sugar jelly.

Reduced Fat, Reduced Sugar Yogurt: A Dairy Group member containing wholesome milk with some varieties containing fruit as well as granola.

Fruit Juice: When unsweetened, fruit juice makes a healthy alternative to sugary soda in the daily diet. It is also a great alternative to recommended liquids in many home-prepared recipes for vegetable oil, serving to decrease fat grams and caloric values.

Dried Fruit: Holds high sugar content but it can still fit under the Fruit Group umbrella.

Cereal: Typically the sweet tasting cereals are sugar coated to varying degrees OR sugar must be added to obtain a sweeter effect, but sweet whole grain goodness none-the-less.

dessert for dietDark Chocolate: Associated with heart-healthy benefits, even though it doesn't have its own official food group.

Honey: Good Mother Earth's natural sweetener.

Fresh Fruit: Now we're talking nutrition! Fresh fruit makes an excellent substitute for vegetable oil when pureed or mashed when preparing homemade recipes.

10 Quick Dessert Recipes for Dieters

Now let's combine the above ingredients to create desserts which at least contain some beneficial nutritional values.

1. Dip fresh fruit into rich dark melted chocolate when only chocolate will satisfy that quaking Sweet Tooth. Fruits that work well include strawberries, bananas - and even dried fruits such as pineapple chunks and apricots. Be sure to use dark chocolate which holds the heart-healthy benefits - and limit servings to 1-2 pieces of the dipped fruit. Where chocolate is involved, caloric values can quickly get out of hand - or more specifically, out of control.

2. If you're in need for another dark chocolate recipe, simply rewind your memory back to your childhood days to the time when you enjoyed smores over an open campfire. You remember the recipe: a healthy graham cracker, a marshmallow  - but this time go with the dark rather than the milk chocolate. Top with remaining graham cracker and enjoy one and be done.

3. For a quick sweet fix, add dried cereal to your bowl of morning cereal - whether it's in cold or hot form. Raisins accent oatmeal in a delicious manner while whole fresh blueberries taste great inside of almost-any cereal. Take note however where dried banana chips are used - and limit serving sizes. Although zero mg in cholesterol, the fat content is significant.

Nutrition Facts, Calories in Banana Chips

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4. Rather than reaching for the syrup pitcher for pancakes and waffles, reach for a serving of honey. Because the flavors are so concentrated and because honey tends to be so thick and rich, you'll be apt to use far less. One Tablespoon contains about 50 calories. Be sure to use real honey and when dining out, be sure it's the real deal you're getting rather than a fake honey-flavored syrup. Local honey may alleviate allergies - so give it a try.

5. Try the following ingredient combinations: raisins (golden or dark) plus peanut butter plus whole uncooked oats OR your favorite cereal such as Rice Krispies or Cheerios. Mix all of the ingredients and form small balls. These are very sweet and tasty and when cereal is used, you'll get some whole grain goodness along with the crunch.

6. Reduced fat vanilla yogurt mixed with fresh fruit such as banana tastes so sweet and satisfying. Try the whipped yogurts and spin in a bit of fat free whipped topping, a few chopped nuts and some fresh chopped fruit such as cherries. Yum!

7. For a sweet 'grab & go' snack mix the following in a jar and enjoy a little at a time: yogurt covered raisins, dried cranberries, chopped walnuts. The combinations that you can come up with are almost endless.

8.You can also add cereal to the mix as well as pretzels that are bite-sized. Even the yogurt covered pretzels make a healthier snack in comparison to Dutch apple pie with the double-crust.

9. Fruit juice blended with frozen fruit makes for a wholesome, delicious smoothie. Try 1 cup of frozen strawberries and 1 cup of reduced sugar Trop50 Orange juice as a blend for less than 100 calories.

10. Or opt for cherry juice blended with its fresh fruit frozen peer.

Given, some of the above dessert recipes and combinations are healthier than others - but all are healthier and more calorie-wise than a 500 slice serving of chocolate cake or a 700 calorie slice of heavily cream-cheese frosted carrot cake - or that 700 calorie plus serving of Texas-sized pecan pie.

In Summary: When reaching for desserts, choose foods to combine in the recipe which reside or can fit at least to some degree into the official food groups over those foods which contain zero nutritional values and empty calories.

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