Best Low Calorie Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

What is the best low calorie diet? And is it safe? Health Wise? We have the answers....


We have often been asked about low calorie diet plans - specifically, which is the very best of the bunch.

Let's start by saying that the best low calorie diet is one that isn't so restrictive in calories that it creates the following risks for the dieter - some of which should be taken very seriously:

- a slower metabolism
- severe hunger
- severe restriction of necessary daily nutrients
- long term health problems

Let's address each of the bullet points above which will help in understanding why a diet that is too restrictive in caloric content isn't always the best diet - and how a weight loss plan that smartly sets a healthy daily caloric value can achieve substantial weight loss success - and is indeed the best diet.

Slower Metabolic Rate:

This is the body's life-protecting mode which kicks into gear when adequate nutrition needs aren't being fulfilled. The body works to slow down the processing of body functions; any weight that is lost will come off at a much slower pace than in an individual who is on a moderate calorie-restricted weight loss plan.

Severe Hunger Pains:

At some point, when the stomach doesn't receive the food it's ordering via hunger pains, it can start digesting itself, thus creating all sorts of ill effects. The dieter would be far better off by answering the call with a low calorie food - such as a can of green beans, a serving of jerky, a bowl of whole grain cereal, a piece of fresh fruit or a low calorie serving of reduced fat cottage cheese or yogurt. All of these foods can assist in filling the tummy and in ridding hunger pains - and still allow the dieter to continue to drop pounds in a healthy manner.

Inadequate Nutrition:

The body won't keep silent forever when nutritional needs continue to go neglected, thus leading to our next topic regarding permanent damage to health.

Long Term Health Problems:

When you don't get adequate sleep at night, you automatically know the following day that you're suffering from those ill-effects. You'll feel groggy, experience mental fog, feel fatigued - and even though you may feel sleepy, you also feel caught in a chasm of 'awake' and 'asleep'.

However, where extreme dieting is involved, before the individual realizes that some of the symptoms they have been experiencing - such as rapid heart beat, diarrhea, shaking, hair loss - permanent damage to health may already occurred. When at a severe stage, the individual may lose consciousness, experience permanent damage to vital organs - including the heart, liver and kidneys -  and they may even lose their very life.

The Best Low Calorie Diet

Caloric Set Point:

Set a reasonable daily caloric total for your weight loss plan. Forget about 1,000 calorie diets or lower - or even 1,200 calorie plans. If you have 10 to 30 pounds to lose, try a 1,500 calorie daily diet plan. If you have 40 to 75 pounds to lose - then you may require more calories until you reach a lower weight, and then you'll need to readjust to continue losing weight.

Simply put, the more weight that the individual has to lose, the higher the caloric set point for daily needs should be set. Going too low in values can create a stalled or slowed metabolic rate. A sluggish metabolism equals a slowed rate of weight loss.

Food & Menu Planning:

The best diet plan contains three healthy meals per day along with a couple of healthy snacks.

Activity Planning:

The best diet plan embraces a healthy dose of activity and exercise that goes hand in hand with smartly planned menus. Always choose activities that you'll keep doing today - tomorrow and forever .

Health Benefits:

Rather than worries of ill-effects caused by dieting, the best diet promotes a healthier body through weight loss which is accomplished by wise planning where the daily caloric set point is concerned, as well as in the areas of meal planning, healthy menus and snacks - and activity.

In Summary:

Choosing the best weight loss plan is more important than the best low calorie diet. Choose your plan wisely - one that offers total nutritional value and encourages weight loss rather than slowing the metabolism, creating severe hunger pains in addition to long term health issues. If an individual loses their good health while dieting, what good is the accomplishment of weight loss?

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