Low Calorie Beer

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

A list of beers and brands of beer that are low in caloric content.....


Oh dear, it's time to talk about beer. This alcoholic beverage can be an excellent one for meal times or to enjoy as the day unwinds.

Unfortunately, I have spoken to so many people who have alcoholics in their family and I've witnessed their pain. It's never pretty. It's always sad. And while their loved one started out drinking a beer a day, over time it turned into two and then a six-pack, then a case of beer per day.

And then the time came when the beer just didn't give the buzz that the individual craved. They needed something stronger in order to feel the buzz. So they started consuming hard liquor.

A case of beer a day, along with hard liquor quickly turned into a case per day - and a bottle of hard liquor.

All the while, relationships continued to suffer. Finances were a major concern as more and more of the money for the family and household needs was being spent on liquor. And as hard as the family members tried to convince the alcoholic that they needed to seek help, the alcoholic kept refusing.

Over time, the signs of liver damage began to show.

A small heart attack occurred. Sporadic bursts of gout reared their ugly head. The alcoholic began to get some very serious boils - on the back of the neck, on the back of the back - one the size of a T-bone steak which was life-threatening.

There came arrests for DWI and public intoxication. Even then, the alcoholic continued drinking that case of beer a day along with the hard liquor. They were violent at times - even threatened to kill their loved ones.

And then, the signs of Cirrhosis of the liver began to show - the belly bloating to enormous size, the shrinkage of the lower arms, a loss of appetite but not a loss for alcohol, a loss of energy, fatigue, bruising, weight loss, brown or orange tinged urine, itchy skin, blood in the stool, yellowing of skin, confusing - and most prominent, a change in personality.

Not only have I spoken to many people who have lost a loved one due to alcoholism, I've lost a few family members to the disease myself. It's a killer - and it's an inherited disease.

On that note, if you drink beer, please monitor your consumption rather than the caloric content as it can lead to a disease that may not be self-controlled.

Calories in Beer

 Some of the beers with lower calorie content include:



Natural Light Beer


Schlitz Light Beer


Miller Lite Beer


Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra Light


Budweiser Light


Beer - Generic


Coors Light


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