Low Calorie Pizza Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Mama's cooking something delicious and healthy in the oven tonight - a hearty pizza pie....


Delicious fire-brick oven taste by using just a bit of elbow grease. By the way, use of elbow grease burns calories. Our low calorie recipe is a mozzarella cheese-spinach combo loaded with sliced mushrooms and a hint of onion.

The following recipe for low calorie pizza crust makes 10 single serving pizza crusts -  making this recipe dynamite for party lovers or one giant pizza. Or, freeze unused dough for future use.

Total Calories per Low Calorie Pizza: about 350 calories per very generous mini-pizza.

Ingredients are listed below preparation notes.

Preparation: To prepare pizza crust combine flour, yeast and salt in a deep mixing bowl. Add hot water & oil then knead for 5 minutes, adding additional flour as necessary to keep dough pliable.

Return dough to bowl and cover with damp tea towel. Allow to rest for 30 minutes. Punch down, then divide dough into 10 equal portions.

Work dough to form crust, then before placing into a pizza pan, pie pan, cake or torte pan be sure to spray with cooking spray, then sprinkle on cornmeal. Situate dough on top of cornmeal.

Top with the following ingredients before baking at 400-degrees in a preheated oven until crust is golden brown and filling is hot and cheesy:

Low Calorie Pizza Crust Ingredients & Preparation Notes

pizza recipe2 ˝ cups of flour + excess flour for kneading
1 Tablespoon of Yeast (1 package)
˝ Teaspoon of Salt
1 Cup of Hot Water
2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil
1 Tablespoon of Cornmeal (white or yellow)

Low Calorie Pizza Filling Ingredients - Fills ONE Pizza Crust

2 ounces of part SKIM Mozzarella cheese, grated (75 calories per ounce)
˝ cup of sliced sauteed mushrooms
˝ cup of sauteed spinach, well drained
1 teaspoon of sliced sauteed onions

Be sure to sauté veggies in cooking spray and drain well using paper towels before adding to pizza & topping with cheese.


Tips for Diet Beverages - Tea

Diet soda as well as diet tea goes very well with pizza. If you prefer the soda - just grab and go. If you prefer tea, here are some of our best tips for Tea Time while dieting:

Enjoy flavored teas both hot and cold.

It's a bit of trouble, but drag out your tea set.

Tea tastes so good from a china cup.

Serving glasses, cups and utensils really do matter when dieting as they add shape, substance, color and appeal to the food or beverage they are showcasing.

If you're enjoying iced tea, get out your prettiest party glasses and crush some ice.

Add a shot of your favorite extract to tea.

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