Diet Journey

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How to experience an effective weight loss journey.

There you are with your knapsack all packed - ready to hit the old dieting trail running.

And I see that you have donned your most comfortable sneakers - and that you've also packed your sunshades and sunscreen which will prove as effective combatants against the hotter-than-molten-lava rays of Mister Sunshine as you fortify your weight loss plan with a dose of healthy exercise.

My, don't you look spiffy! And since you are revved and ready to go, let's get started, shall we?

That first step is one of the most difficult. You're stepping into the unknown, much like a concrete jungle amid rush hour.

You don't know what foes you will encounter along your journey, but you are fairly certain they will be kin to Miss Sugar and Mister Dietary Fat.

By the way, both of their last names are Gram. Just to keep things real. And both are packed with real calories - more specifically, really extreme calories and should be avoided on our journey at all costs.

Now that we know the elements to avoid, let's determine the ones that we should be on the watch for - the treasures that we can feel great about inviting into our weight loss plan.

Here are five to start with: Mister Vegetable Group, Miss Fruit Group, Ms Dairy Group, Sir Grain Group and last but certainly not least, Mister Protein Group.

Each of these essential food groups bring something unique to the meal table.

There are some foods contained therein that offer a healthier blast than others.

Each have their own healthy bullet points that yes, point towards a higher level of nutritional values - and at times, these pointer signs can be overlooked as the dieter travels down the sometimes dusty and dirty old diet trail. Let's take a deeper look.

Using the 5 Basic Food Groups to Lose Weight & Reach a Higher State of Health

Grain: look to insert at least one-half of your choices as whole grains rather than refined.

Fruit: Be sure to add citrus varieties to your weight loss plan for optimum nutritional values and to boost immunity while dieting.

Proteins: Plant proteins are often overlooked, yet they make much healthier choices over animal proteins. Seeds, nuts, eggs, beans, lentils, peanut and other nut butters - just a few of the healthy proteins for your weight loss plan.

Dairy: You can eat more when the product is reduced in dietary fat content.

Vegetable: You'll need to add color to your plate for maximum nutrition as well as a large selection of leafy greens. Orange sweet potatoes, leafy spinach, and yellow summer squash are all excellent choices.

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