How Much Should a Male that is 5' 5" weigh?

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Men 5' 5" in Height, Healthy Weight Ranges

If you have a small body frame your ideal weight may be:

134 pounds to 140 pounds

If you have a medium size body frame your ideal weight may be:

137 pounds to 148 pounds

If you have a large size body frame your ideal weight may be:

144 pounds to 160 pounds

Men & Recommended Weight Ranges, Diet & Health Tips

We don't have a wide birth of wiggle room in the range above - about twenty pounds. At this point we'd like to emphasize that if you weigh 130 pounds OR 175 pounds - you may still be considered as at your healthy size.

You may have more muscle mass, thus the higher weight may be adequate. Or, you may be an older individual with health issues who has been advised by their doctor to keep your weight at a minimal level. As we can see - many things enter the equation.

How Many Daily Calories Do You Require?

134 - 140 pounds

For the inactive male, they will require about 1742 daily calories.

For the active male within this weight range, they will need about 2380 daily kcals.

137 - 148 pounds

For this range of body weights, men leading an inactive lifestyle require about 1781 kcals each day.

For those men who have an active life, they will need about 2516 daily energy values.

144 - 160 pounds

Inactive: This range of body weight requires about 1872 calories each day.

Active Lifestyle: The active male in this weight range will require about 2720 kcals, daily.

In Summary

For the male who is 5' 5" in height, he may weigh as little as 134 pounds - and at times, he may weigh just a little less. These numbers aren't rocket science nor are they set in stone; they are averages  based on body frame size which are intended to be used as starting points when amid the diet planning phase of life. They can assist as a point to set fitness and body weight goals and should only be used as such.

In addition, the 5' 5" tall male may weigh 160 pounds or more and still be considered at recommended healthy weight.

The range is wide - from 134 to 160 pounds; much is based on body frame size.

In addition, they require from 1742 to 2720 daily calories in order to support health - and may require more if they are highly active.


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