How Much Should a Male that is 5' 11" weigh?

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Men 5' 11" in Height, Healthy Weight Ranges

If you have a small body frame your ideal weight may be:

146 pounds to 157 pounds

If you have a medium size body frame your ideal weight may be:

154 pounds to 166 pounds

If you have a large size body frame your ideal weight may be:

161 pounds to 184 pounds

Men & Recommended Weight Ranges, Diet & Health Tips

Setting your weight loss goal at the highest number in the range above - at 184 pounds is a great way of getting to your healthier size without feeling pressured to lose 40 more pounds in order to reach 146 pounds. In fact, that size may be far too thin for your body. It's always a great rule of thumb while dieting to set sensible goals - to reach the top and work our way down slowly. The results are more likely to last permanently when we give our body time to adjust.

How Many Daily Calories Do You Require?

146 - 157 pounds

If you are an inactive male, you will require about 1898 daily calories to support your current weight.

If you have an active lifestyle, you may require 2669 or more daily energy values.

154 - 166 pounds

For maintaining this range of body weights, the man who leads an inactive lifestyle will require about 2002 daily calories. Let's look at how much we can increase these values via more activity throughout our day.

For those who have an active life, they will need about 2822 daily energy values - more than 800 kcals over the inactive lifestyle. That's enough to enjoy a healthy serving of low fat lasagna and a nice healthy salad - with energy values left over.

161 - 184 pounds

Inactive: This range of body weight requires about 2093 calories a day.

Active Lifestyle: The active male in this weight range will require as many as 3128 daily energy values, and perhaps more if they are in a highly active state such as cross-country skiing or hiking or working in extremely cold temperatures.

In Summary

Men who are 5' 11" in height have a recommended healthy weight range of 146 to 184 pounds. If they hold a lot of muscle mass on their body they may weigh even more and still be considered as within their healthy range of body weight.

They require from 1898 daily calories to support an inactive lifestyle to 3128 daily calories to support an active lifestyle - and at times, they may require more OR less based on personal health, age and other influencing factors.


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