How Much Should a Male that is 5' 2" weigh?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Men 5' 2" in Height, Healthy Weight Ranges

If you have a small body frame your ideal weight may be:

128 pounds to 134 pounds

If you have a medium size body frame your ideal weight may be:

131 pounds to 141 pounds

If you have a large size body frame your ideal weight may be:

138 pounds to 150 pounds

Men & Recommended Weight Ranges, Diet & Health Tips

You can enjoy quite a few more calories per day just by becoming more active. For example, if you need about 1800 calories per day in order to support your current size, if you become active - you can about 750 more calories to your day.

And if you are attempting to lose the excess fat, if you leave your current food intake at 1800 kcals, you could lose about five pounds per week. Now that's an impressive thought to consider!

How Many Daily Calories Do You Require?

128 - 134 pounds

For the inactive male, they will require about 1664 daily calories.

For the active male within this weight range, they will need about 2278 kcals each day.

131 - 141 pounds

For this range of body weights, men leading an inactive lifestyle require about 1703 kcals for the day.

For those men who have an active life, they will need about 2397 kcals, daily.

138 - 150 pounds

Inactive: This range of body weight requires about 1794 daily energy values.

Active Lifestyle: The active male in this weight range will require about 2550 daily energy values.

In Summary

For the male who is 5' 2" in height, he can weigh about 128 to 150 pounds and be within the recommended healthy range for body weight. There is always wiggle room in the Diet Bites charts and recommendations - so this means that if the male weighs a little less or even a lot more, he may still be within his healthy range of weight.

In addition, they require from 1664 to about 2550 calories for supporting their health as well as for fueling their body with energy.


Recommended Calorie Needs for Individuals Weighing

102-110 pounds | 111-120 pounds | 121-130 pounds | 131-140 pounds

141-150 pounds | 151-160 pounds | 161-170 pounds

171-180 pounds | 181-190 pounds | 191-200 pounds

201-210 pounds | 211-220 pounds | 221-230 pounds

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