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Females - How Much Should I Weigh?

Written by Diet Bites

Step 2. Pick your height and follow the link to see recommended weight.

4' 10" | 4' 11" | 5' 0" | 5'1" | 5' 2" | 5'3" | 5' 4" | 5' 5" | 5' 6" | 5' 7" | 5' 8" | 5' 9" | 5' 10" | 5' 11" | 6' 0"

What is Your Recommended Weight?

If you are taller than six feet in height then simply add about 4 pounds for each tier - as the inches climb in height.

It's very important to remember that body frame size combined with the height of an individual are only two things which impact the number on the bathroom scales.

For example, Lucy is 5' 5" tall yet she weighs several pounds over her recommended weight based on our data charts.

However, she doesn't have an ounce of extra fat on her body. She has a large frame size and weighs 167 pounds - and is in tip-top shape.

Now let's take a look at Jenna. She is seven pounds over the numbers that are recommended in the data charts based on her height and the size of her body frame. Yet, she doesn't appear to be overweight in the least.

Jenna's situation? She is well-endowed in the breast and buttock areas of her body.

How Much Does the Female Breast Weigh?

Female breasts can weigh quite heavily; the denser the tissue the more the breast will weigh.

For women who wear a DD bra, they may have five or more pounds - just in the breast area that are contributing towards their overall weight.

Women who have average-size breasts can expect about two pounds added to the scales.

In Summary

If your weight differs slightly from the charts, don't panic as these types of charts should never be set into stone and should always have wiggle room.

Our data is intended to be a starting point so that you can set weight loss and fitness goals. You can always adjust once you get close to those base numbers.

If you find that you are more than ten pounds over the data provided, then it's more likely than not that it's time to examine daily snacks, fluids and meal plate selections - and how these selections balance the energy used by your body in performing daily functions, activity as well as internal processing energy needs.


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Recommended Calorie Needs for Individuals Weighing

102-110 pounds | 111-120 pounds | 121-130 pounds | 131-140 pounds | 141-150 pounds | 151-160 pounds | 161-170 pounds

171-180 pounds | 181-190 pounds | 191-200 pounds | 201-210 pounds | 211-220 pounds | 221-230 pounds | 231-240 pounds | 241-250 pounds


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