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How Much Should a Female that is 5' 2" weigh?

Written by Diet Bites

Females 5' 2" Healthy Weight Ranges

If you have a small body frame your ideal weight may be:

108 pounds to 121 pounds

If you have a medium size body frame your ideal weight may be:

118 pounds to 132 pounds

If you have a large size body frame your ideal weight may be:

128 pounds to 143 pounds

About Recommended Weight Ranges, Health Notes

If you are 5'2" you are considered a petite lady. Even if you are considerably overweight - you are a very small woman.

I'm two inches shorter and in my senior years and about twenty years ago I was almost two times heavier than I am now. I always felt like I was a large woman. I tried to do things that I was incapable of doing because I was asked to do such - like at work. Because I was so fat, my bosses just assumed that I was capable of lifting or moving certain things. There were other ladies at work who weren't fat and who were about my height - and they were never asked to perform these tasks as they were considered 'delicate' and 'fragile'.

If this situation sounds familiar - stand your ground! You are indeed, a tiny lady who is just as incapable of lifting or moving a heavy object as a woman who is at her normal weight. Doing such can result in health issues such as strain on the heart as well as prolapse. In addition, if you need to lose weight, performing strenuous tasks can result in serious consequences.

Already the heart is working overtime to support body weight that it wasn't intended to support. The skeletal frame of the body is also carrying weight that it wasn't intended to carry. These are reasons why it's a good idea to lose weight now rather than continuing to procrastinate. There's nothing like the present to start working on a thinner, leaner, healthier YOU! And if I achieved permanent weight loss success - I know that you can too.

How Many Daily Calories Do You Require?

108 - 121 pounds

You'll need about 1404 calories if you are inactive. You may need up to 2057 if you are active in your lifestyle. This usually means that you walk at least 5000 steps daily. If you don't know what your current 'steps' are, think about purchasing an inexpensive pedometer which effortlessly counts the number for you.

Personally speaking, it requires about half an hour to walk 5000 steps at a moderate pace.

118 - 132 pounds

To maintain this weight your body will require about 1534 calories per day for inactive state and about 2244 calories for an active lifestyle.

128 - 143 pounds

To maintain this weight, your body will need about 1664 calories daily for inactive lifestyle - and about 2431 calories for an active schedule.

In Summary

Keep in mind that NONE of the above information is set in stone. Ideal, perfect and recommended weight are identifiers for body weight which is personally best for you. Several factors will impact your particular body weight - as well as the number of calories which you should consume daily. Therefore, use this guide as a pattern - as a starting point for setting fitness goals.

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