How Much Should a Female that is 6' 0" weigh?

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Females 6' 0" Healthy Weight Ranges

If you have a small body frame your ideal weight may be:

138 pounds to 151 pounds

If you have a medium size body frame your ideal weight may be:

148 pounds to 162 pounds

If you have a large size body frame your ideal weight may be:

158 pounds to 179 pounds

Recommended Weight Ranges

Women that are 6' even in height can weigh as little as 138 pounds or as much as 179 pounds and still be within their healthy weight range.

You may also be in-between body frame sizes for the recommended amounts of weight. For example, if Marge is between a medium and large frame side she could weight about 150 to 168 pounds an be at her normal healthy weight.

The numbers in data charts should always be used for starting points in establishing your fitness as well as your weight loss goals.

Ours are highly amendable - based on personal factors such as state of health, age and activity level - and in particular, muscle mass percentage of the body.

In fact, we encourage our readers to adjust numbers as they lose weight in order to suit their personal needs.

How Many Daily Calories Do You Require?

138 - 151 pounds

If you are at an inactive state your body will need about 1794 calories daily to support current weight OR as many as 2567 calories daily if you are very active.

148 - 162 pounds

For an inactive state, the body requires about 1924 calories. If you are very active you may require about 2754 daily calories.

158 - 179 pounds

Your body may require as few as 2054 calories OR about 3043 calories for an active lifestyle.

In Summary

Women who are 6' 0" tall can weight from 138 to 179 pounds and if they have a good amount of muscle mass, have larger breasts or buttocks, they can weigh even more and yes, still be within their healthy range of body weight.

As to caloric values, they require from 1794 base calories up to 3034 daily calories to support body weight.

The more active the woman, the more calories they would need to consume in order to maintain their current weight.

There are also situations - such as intense activity, times of illness, situations involving extreme cold - in which more calories may be required.


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171-180 pounds | 181-190 pounds | 191-200 pounds

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