Thanksgiving Dieting Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Season for Feasting

Oh my, we have arrived at the most riskiest time of the year where Temptation and Weight Gain Reign. So many goodies to tempt the strongest of dieters - so much cheer to egg things on.

So what's an innocent dieter to do? Well, you can start with the following Thanksgiving Day tips; all are as savvy as can be and part of our Golden Feasting Quarter guide.

1. Enjoy Thanksgiving Day to the fullest for it may not come again.


2. Try to eat a bit of something before you get the jitters (low blood sugar).

Waiting for the big bird to get done can be a trying game of wit versus starvation - which in turn can trigger bingeing.

By putting a little something into your tummy, you're insuring that you won't go wild with those spuds and yams come meal time, not to mention the pecan and other nut-based pies prepared by Grandmother Chef.

3. Think of ways to celebrate throughout the day rather than relying solely on food. Some suggestions:

- Try playing a game of Scrabble using only healthy words.

- Trade recipes with friends and family and as you're jotting them down, think of how you can make them into healthier concoctions.

4. Bring something to the feast that's healthy, something like a fruit salad or a Waldorf salad.

Here's a quick recipe for Waldorf that won't inflict one ounce of guilt. Simply mix the following:

- Apples - peel and discard the peel, slice thin and sprinkle with a bit of lemon to keep the brown ruffles away.

- Celery - strip off the strings and slice into tiny bits

- Pecans or walnuts - Just a few will do.

- Miracle Whip - Use either the light or the nonfat variety.

In Summary

If you do let loose and attack the table, get right back on your weight loss plan come the morrow. Keep in mind that you'll need to continue to sharper your Willpower as you'll have an arsenal of tempting days ahead - all the way through Christmas.

Holiday Dieting


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