July 4th Dieting Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Planning a Celebration

Here we are - the middle of the year and it's time for yet another special celebration.

On that note, America doesn't really have all that many days of celebrations in comparison to many other countries. For example, the Greeks have numerous day's off and that might be just one secret to their famous longevity. And here were all thinking it was the wine....

There is a long stretch from Independence Day until the next holiday unless you have a vacation or special event that you're planning.

The next holiday which is celebrated nationwide in America is Halloween, another one of those fun special days of the year.

With this said, it's a great time of the year to go on a weight loss plan and lose the fat before fall and winter arrives.

The weather is quite pleasant in the morning and evening hours in most areas of the country, allowing more time for exercise.

If you are planning a party for the fourth, and if you're trying to make it healthier, we have an extensive menu with recipes that can assist located here and here: July 4th Party Planner

strawberry shortcakeWe also have a Red, White & Blue theme staring low calorie recipes that is showcased here.

Not All About Food

Keep in mind that celebrating doesn't have to be all about food - although it tends to center more around food than not.

Where desserts are concerned, therein will be the dieter's biggest challenge. But amid this hotter time of year, there are several varieties of fresh fruits that can rescue the dieter.

The key is for the fruits to be fresh, fully ripened at their peak of sweetness.

Other good choices for dessert include: strawberry shortcake prepared with fresh strawberries, light whipped cream and sponge cake; slices of fresh pineapple as well as any variety of melon.

Getting Your Thoughts Off of Food

It's likely to be a key element of the Fourth of July Holiday, so it's basically going to be 'in your face'. Your challenge is to keep it from getting past your face and into your mouth.

If you start to feel tempted, try to get busy - talk a walk, clean up the cooking area or start an interesting conversation with a family member or friend.

It may also help if you purchase an angel food or sponge cake - or make it at home. It's light, contains minimal calories and you can add whipped topping and strawberries and enjoy a full-bodied dessert for about 200 calories while you watch the fireworks.

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