Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Giving Someone Something to Smile About

Taking your holiday hostess a gift is just plain old nice.

We offer the following thoughtful suggestions:

A bouquet of flowers that are fitting to the season. For the Christmas holidays that might be a Christmas Cactus or poinsettias.

For a spring or Easter event, that might be a pot of daisies. The Gerber Daisy is quite stunning as a gift.

For summer, fill a punchbowl with a beautiful arrangement of wildflowers. Your hostess will appreciate the added bonus of the punchbowl long after the flowers are gone.

Just a note about wildflowers; some are quite poisonous - such as wild foxglove. Therefore, know what you're picking and be aware of any dangers associated with wildflowers.

For fall, you can work your own magic by creating an arrangement using a hulled out pumpkin and dried flowers.

A stack of nice paper or plastic plates, cups and plasticware.  It will save your hostess time in the kitchen during the clean up phase.

And when it is time for the clean-up, most of the time a bit of volunteering will certainly add yet another smile to your hostess.

A pretty basket filled with sugar free jams, jellies and preserves.

Even if they aren't sugar free - as long as they are packed with nice chunks of fruit, this makes a healthy, excellent gift. Every morning - or whenever the jams are used, you'll be thought of in a nice way.

A stocking filled with special honey.  

Honey can be made from almost any flowering fruit, vegetable or weed. Dandelion honey is to live for!

Another health perk is that if the honey was harvested locally, it will hold significant health values and often does a nice job of combating allergies.

A holiday CD for listening pleasures. Your host can listen to the music as they unwind from all the hard work involved with the party planning.

A wire basket filled with bubble bath, foaming body washes, pretty smelling soaps, bath beads and fizzies. What a relaxing way to end the holiday.

Quick Mix for Gift Giving

Fill a pretty container or decanter with a cappuccino mix which contains a layer of instant coffee - decaf or regular, powdered cocoa mix, powdered creamer and a mix of your favorite spices.

You may also need to add a bit of sugar or other sweetener if the cocoa isn't sweet enough. Be sure to try it out before you give it away.

If you are a social butterfly, try to get in on the end of season bargains. After the Christmas holidays this year I saw items that were 90% off the regular price! I'm not a social butterfly - but oh boy, if I were I would have saved a lot of money by spending just a little money.

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