Dieting Amid the Feasting Goodies

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Holidays, a Most Tempting Time for Dieters

On Thanksgiving Day most of us will be cramming in cranberries, stuffing the turkey in more ways than one, and pushing pies into our little pumpkin heads.  

Even the most strictest of dieters will bend a little over the glance of a twinkling light and a plate of grandmother's divinity.

I remember dieting one year in particular during my overweight days amid the holiday season.  I had decided to do my Diet Liftoff shortly before Halloween.  I remember someone at the holiday table asking me if I was sweating, and I nodded, not wanting to admit that it wasn't sweat, but tears of envy because I couldn't enjoy Aunt Velma's Nutcracker Cake which was always so finely dressed in honey and almonds.

Directly after the holidays had ended, I got a burr in my Diet Saddle and bounced off my Diet Horse in mid-January. I remember regretting that I had missed the holidays.  Therefore, the reason for this article, and dedicated to those of you who are trying to diet amid the Feasting Madness.  

Holiday Tips for Dieters

Here are a few holiday dieting tips that might help:

1. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.  Reach for the angelfood! Angels are a great symbol of the holidays, so invite one into your holiday diet.

2. Feasting Goodies that should be kept in line are: nuts, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallows and brown sugar (and who doesn't love brown sugar!), stuffing, holiday spirits and eggnog.  And of course, those drooling desserts BUT yes you can enjoy a few desserts.  Just get right back on your Diet Horse the day after the holiday.

3. And you can also enjoy MORE of the Feasting Goodies listed in Tip 2 in by dietizing them.  

Click on your Feasting Favorites above for our Diet Conversions:  Click here for our diet friendly Texas Turkey recipe. It's low in fat, low in carbs, low in calories while ranking high in nutritional value.  Who says that turkeys can't fly?

4. A few super foods to tuck in for the holidays that will probably be resting on your Feasting Table include: turkey, peas, baked sweet potatoes, this recipe for cranberry sauce, this recipe for diet eggnog OR this one, and DARK chocolate (dark chocolate has proven health benefits when eaten in moderation).  Okay, wipe that smile off of your face so we can continue. Good.  That's better.

Keep in mind that a little merry never hurt anyone, but for those of us who experience a lot of merry, the jolly is very short lived.  Enjoy the holidays, but enjoy wisely rather than freely. Thoughtful Hostess Gifts

Holiday Dieting


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