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Preparing Ahead for Dieting During the Holidays

With the dawn of October First comes the promise of cooler temperatures, nights filled with cozy cups of frothy rich cocoa and the faint peal of holiday bells ringing though the distant Corridor of Time.

It's that Golden Diet Quarter of the year - that increment of merriment that renders 'many fun' and 'many pound' for many of  'we humans'.

Planning Your Diet Strategy Amid the Holiday Feasting Madness

"Plan for the holidays ahead NOW in order to forego unwanted weight gain - no matter what your current size is right NOW."

Keep in mind the above caveat that most people put on unwanted pounds during the holiday season - some more than others.  

Rarely does an individual cross the Holiday Finish Line at an even keel in regards to their weight loss scales.

Thinking Wisely for Weight Loss

If you're already trying to lose unwanted weight, gaining holiday weight is a disaster in the making.  

This is how I used to think, "I'm already fat.  Who cares if a few more pounds are piled on?  I want to enjoy the season, because it may be my last!  Live for today and diet for tomorrow."  

I was stuffing myself tighter than the Christmas turkey.  

Setting a Reasonable Goal

Tom and I don't want this to happen to you, our valued readers (see how nicely we kiss up?) so we have put together a smart dieting plan to help get you through the holidays with minimal damage.

Your goal - should you choose to accept this mission, is to wake up January 2nd weighing the same that you did on October 1st - before the holiday eating madness began.  

Simply navigate the topics based on the upcoming holiday threaded within this page.

Holiday Dieting


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