Dieting - Skeleton With Hair

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Healthy, Low In Calories, Low In Fat Diet RecipesDick looked in his wife's full-length bathroom mirror one day, not believing how his body had exploded in all the wrong places.  The one thing that he had sought to admire was now suddenly hidden.

This unsettling discovery sent Dick off on a Weight Loss Journey and he was determined to ditch all the unwanted weight.  

His first stop was his doctor's office in order to rule out any hidden ailment that might be contributing to his overweight condition. The doctor performed a barrage of tests and asked Dick to come back in one week so they could get started on a weight loss plan.

When Dick returned, his doctor told him, "Good news.  No hidden conditions....not pregnant..."

He smiled at Dick who chuckled over his doctor's attempt to lighten his mood. The doctor was concerned about Dick who had already dropped ten pounds in just one week.

"So, Dick.  I thought that we were going to work together and get a diet plan to fit your schedule and lifestyle after the test results came in.  You've already lost a good bit of weight-"

"Yes, I am teaching my body a lesson," Dick told him, quite confident.  "It has been glutting for years now, so it's time to starve."

Doctor shook his head and said, "Well, starve yourself if you wish, Dick.  Oh, and you may want to make a note that I'm on holiday in January this year.  The entire month.  When you drop by-"

"January?  I don't plan to drop by in January, Doc," Dick told his doctor in a bit of confusion.

"You will," the doctor assured.  "At least, that's my good estimate of when you'll experience your first heart attack-"


The doctor sat down on the ridiculous looking stool in front of Dick.  "Look, Dick.  This starvation mode for weight loss is one scary diet.  You're just asking for medical troubles.  You'll end up looking like a skeleton with hair.  Your heart, your bones, your teeth - why you are even putting your sex life at risk with this crazy method of weight loss."

"Sex life?  Then this starvation diet isn't going to fly," he told the doctor, his face not looking too pleased with himself.

Dick's doctor went on to explain how to achieve safe weight loss.  He also introduced him to his nutritionist who took a good hour talking to Dick about the in's and out's of weight loss - about what he could expect while dieting and the benefits that he would receive.

And Dick sure did receive those benefits when all the weight was gone.  Gazing into the full-length mirror in the bathroom at his thinner self, Dick was very pleased about all the good things his safe diet had uncovered.

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