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The Scarecrow Diet

Written by Diet Bites

Healthy, Low In Calories, Low In Fat Diet RecipesJudy and Chad were expecting their best friend Carol to join them for the Halloween festivities.  

Judy and Chad were getting a little concerned because dusk was far gone, yet Carol had not appeared.  It had been over a year since they had seen one another, so they were all excited about the visit.

Several kids had already made the trick or treat rounds - a couple of them, twice, but Chad had only smiled and tossed a dark chocolate candy into their Halloween bag.  He knew that dark chocolate was a healthy treat, so he felt good about the treats.

He was watching Halloween 257 on the television when he heard Judy scream. She had screamed so loud that he had jumped out of his recliner, sending a batch of freshly hot air-popped corn all over the room.  A regular popcorn shower.

He ran to his wife, hoping all was well.  Judy was generally a calm person. When he reached her, she was standing, looking out the window towards the backyard.

"Chad!  Look!  It's a scarecrow - and, and it's moving!"

"Judy," Chad chided.  "Probably a kid playing a prank on us."

But he squinted his eyes as he noticed the scarecrow coming towards the house at a fast pace.  He silently prepared to use his martial arts skills, not wanting to alarm his already terrified wife.  And then the back door was knocked upon - a rapping, a tapping at the back door.

"Chad?" Judy asked, her face tense and frightened looking.

Chad calmed her with, "I'll get the door, Judy.  Now settle yourself down."

Judy hovered behind him as he opened the door to reveal the walking scarecrow - only it wasn't a scarecrow, rather their dear friend, Carol.

"Carol?" Chad eased out, a bit shocked for he wasn't sure if this was Carol or not. Their Carol was a good 100 pounds heavier.

"Carol?" Judy asked, thinking it was Carol, but not certain.  But this wasn't the chunky Carol of yesteryear, rather a svelte, beautiful, confident-looking Carol.

"Sorry if I frightened you, guys," Carol offered, her face lit with a smile that would make any carved pumpkin envious.  "I thought I'd use the back entrance to avoid the kids and commotion in front."

"Carol!" Judy expelled, delighted to see her dear friend.

"Carol?" Chad eased out, totally mystified as his wife embraced Carol in a warm hug.

After Carol hugged Judy, she opened her arms and gave Chad a warm hug.

"Yes, it's me you big lummox," she giggled.  

"You look like a million bucks," Judy bragged.  "A total transformation."

"We thought you were a scarecrow," Chad eased out and Carol and Judy giggled.

"Yes, I ditched all that unwanted weight," Carol told them.  "I found a little site on the web by the name of Diet Bites (I know, but we couldn't help ourselves) and boy - did I ditch the weight.  Total motivation, just the best diet site on the web with free diet menus-"

"Carol," Chad mildly scolded.  "You're beginning to sound like an Infomercial."

"Ha ha," she laughed.  "Well, now that the er...scarecrow has arrived, let's go party!"

Judy beamed a smile and eased out, "Yes!  We've certainly got something to celebrate!"

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