The Diet Kitchen Witch

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Whimsical Story About the Food Pyramid & Healthy Eating During the Holiday Season

Healthy, Low In Calories, Low In Fat Diet RecipesWitch Wanda is a very special witch - a bit like Santa Clause himself, only the holiday is Halloween.  

While most witches are bad, Witch Wanda is a very good witch - a very wise witch - a witch well-versed in the Food Pyramid - a witch who enjoys poking around a lot in her kitchen conjuring up tasty, low calorie, healthy treats for Halloween.

Her job is not easy.  

Halloween Treats

Every Halloween, Witch Wanda flies all over the world examining the goody bags that little children have collected from the townspeople.

Some bags are very heavy while others contain only a few treats.

Some bags are filled with penny candy while others contain gourmet candies. Some bags are filled with candy wrapped in orange and black wrappers while other bags contain homemade popcorn balls.

Fatty Candy

Whenever she discovers fatty candies, Witch Wanda waves her magic wand which instantly replaces the bad candies with healthier items such as apples and fruit wraps and other goodies created in Witch Wanda's healthy kitchen.

Needless to say, Witch Wanda is a very busy witch.  

This year, she will be even busier as she plans to go on a Halloween Crusade encouraging townspeople near and far to think about kids and their good health.  

Healthier Halloween Goodies

Some goodies that she is suggesting for Halloween treats this year include: pumpkin seeds and nuts for OLDER children because these items may choke children under five. 

Also, tiny bags of hot air popped corn, fresh fruits, coins - again for older children and dark chocolate because dark chocolate has been shown to deliver a few healthy benefits in recent studies.

Other healthier than candy treats include: Swedish Fish, single-serving juice, yogurt drops, chewing gum, wax lips, wax mustaches, wax harmonicas, and  marshmallow pumpkins.

Holiday Dieting


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