Gaining Weight This Holiday Season?
Diet Tips That Even Santa Can Live With

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

1. Don't go cold-turkey and miss out on your holiday favorites.  

Do keep track of how much merriment that you're ingesting and be able to identify foods that are extremely high in calories - such as most of the foods identified as YOUR Diet Hot Spots.

2. If there is a holiday lunch function, enjoy yourself by planning ahead.

On the morning of the event, grab a piece of healthy fruit and a cup of skimmed milk.  Enjoy your luncheon - then for dinner enjoy a serving of hot or cold cereal with skimmed milk.  Or, enjoy another piece of fruit and a cup of skimmed milk again. There are so many things about the holiday to be "enjoy" about, aren't there?

3. Plan Lots of Activities

weight loss tips for the holidaysThe cool weather presents all sorts of fun outdoor activities - from sledding to holiday shopping to clobbering that mean old mother in law with snowballs.  Burning those extra holiday calories also keeps your metabolism at full throttle, as does running from that mean old mother in law.....

4. Comfort & Joy Rather Than Focusing Solely on Eating Which Can Quickly Lead to Binge

Rather than concentrating on holiday goodies, concentrate on the joy of the holidays and those events that are fond to you such as getting out the family ornaments and decorating the house and tree - and buying and wrapping holiday gifts.

5. Tips If You Do Binge

Let's say that you were so Diet Naughty that you're expecting coal in your Diet Stocking this year.  That's okay!!  The cure is to quit focusing on where you went (or where you are currently going) wrong in your daily diet and to focus on a successful daily diet plan.  

When I was really overweight, I would feast my little heart out and then I'd feel so bad about losing control.  Then the next meal (or snack time) would roll around and I'd do it again.  And I'd say to myself, "I can't believe that you did that again!"  But the circle never ended until I changed the circle to a triangle - the official USDA food pyramid.

So I'm saying that it's okay when you are Diet Naughty - and the key is:"Don't do it again!"  Shift your focus so at the next meal you'll say, "Wow - I am really eating healthy today.  I'm so glad that I feel good about that rather than guilty about everything that I ate."

The thing about most things in life is that we either pay now, or we pay later.

We either eat all that we want and enjoy ourselves for the moment - then afterwards, we feel bad (this is 'the pay' stage) OR we eat healthy and enjoy a few of our favorite foods from time-to-time (this is 'the pay' stage) and afterwards, we feel really good about what we ate. previous page

Holiday Dieting


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