Dieting in a Haunted House

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Bill was using all he had to resist the table of goodies at the company Halloween party.

And everything looked so tasty - Sunshine's Halloween punch, Mable's sugar cookies that were cut out like bats and Bob's special popcorn balls.  He suddenly felt like he was in a haunted house - a Haunted Diet House!

In a way, Bill regretted his decision to go on a diet at the beginning of October. What a lousy time to year to diet - and it wasn't going to get any easier with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's around the corner.  And how would he ever get  past Valentine's Day?  He was a chocolate freak.

And then there was Easter - oh, and he couldn't forget about the Fourth of July - one of his most favorite holidays of the year.  Nothing like hot dogs, baseball and apple pie on a hot day with your feet planted in the middle of an empty watermelon.

Hum, perhaps he should have waited until after July 4th to go on this dreadful diet plan.  He was very tired of rice cakes, too.  He might even try one of the ultra popular low carb diets.  His friend, Bob had last summer and he had lost a lot of weight.  And he got to eat all the meat and pork rinds that he could hold.

Bill gazed at Bob who was busy peddling his tasty-looking balls off on Mable. Unfortunately, Bob had not only regained all the weight that he had lost, he had packed on even more unwanted pounds.  Bill certainly didn't want to end up doing a nut-thing like that.  He wanted to lose the weight and to keep it off.  He was tired of dieting.

Bill gazed into the punchbowl, his thinner reflection bouncing back at him.  He had already dropped about 15 pounds and he was starting to discover that he really did have a neck and some knees hidden under the padding of fat.

He smiled, knowing exactly what he intended to do.  He thought, "Sure, I could wait until next summer to diet but with the holidays at hand, if I don't take control of my diet now, then I might end up even heavier than I was before my diet.  And this time, I am going to lose all this unwanted weight."

Which is exactly what Bill did!  He also took time to check out other diet plans, including his friend Bob's low carb diet plan.  By alternating diet plans that worked for Bill, he reached his weight loss goals in record time.

At the next company Halloween party, Bill brought along his favorite treats - low calorie, yet delicious punch and sugar free cookies.

Moral of the Diet Success Story: Bill fit the bill when it came to dieting and his determined efforts paid off BIG TIME.

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