The Haunted Halloween Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Foods to Monitor When Dieting During Halloween

Healthy, Low In Calories, Low In Fat Diet RecipesCasper had been on his diet for about two months and was bracing for the holidays ahead.  Already, visions of sugar plums danced in his head and he was thinking about ways to lighten up his favorite recipe.

Yes, dieting was a bit like Halloween - trick or treat.  Dieting contained far more tricks than treats, but Casper wasn't going to allow his diet to intimidate him. Instead, he would fly smoothly through the holidays - just as he had these past two months.

As he conducted his analysis of his past holiday diet in an effort to identify the culprits that might contribute to weight gain and/or tempt him off his diet plan, Casper was very successful in his Diet Endeavor.  Here is what he found for the Halloween festivities that in the past had haunted his diet along with tips from Diet Bites:

Caramel Apples

These are a very tricky Halloween treat because the calories vary greatly from apple to apple and from recipe to recipe.

A small apple dipped in a thin layer of caramel may contain as few as 150 calories while a large apple dipped in a heavy layer of caramel, then in chocolate, then in nuts may contain more calories than some bags of candy.

Popcorn Balls

Stick to the store bought popcorn balls that contain the amount of calories on the label.

Store-bought popcorn balls tend to be lower in calories than homemade varieties due to size and controlled ingredients.  One of the chief ingredients for popcorn balls is corn syrup which contains about 50 calories per Tablespoon.  The calorie content is also impacted by the manner in which corn has been popped - which brings us to our next Halloween offender....


Popcorn is naturally low in calories but it doesn't stay that way once it has been popped in oil.  And yes, even most microwavable varieties of popcorn are popped in high calorie goo.  Solution: pop your corn with a hot air popper.


Casper determined that one of his biggest food hauntings during Halloween was the candy dish.  Solution: Casper decided to go bobbing for fresh apples this year!

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Halloween kicks off what Diet Bites defines as The Golden Feasting Quarter.  It's also the most difficult time of the year for dieters. And it's a tough time to go on a diet.

With this in mind, we've got a few articles that we hope will help get you through the holidays without exiting with additional pounds.

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