Easy Diet Menu for Easter

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Complete tasty menu for Easter that will have you hopping out of the kitchen and hunting eggs in no time flat.

Whether you're having a large family get-together, or a solitary Diet Feast, this tasty low calorie, low fat menu will etch a smile on your face and leave time on your Easter Clock for coloring eggs, hiding eggs, hunting eggs - or for whatever you enjoy doing on Easter.

Vegetarian dieters may opt to substitute baked beans for the ham.  Another great plus with our free diet menu is that the dessert can even be prepared the day before.  And it's absolutely easy, very delicious, oh-so elegant and will have your guests going "ooh, aaah - and surely this can't be low in fat and calories!"

Tom and I try to keep in mind that the holidays present us with a time when we enjoy the day with our friends and family while getting in a little personal rest time from the day-to-day grind. So why not make cooking the special holiday meal easy?

Bring on the paper plates, paper cups, paper napkins - and this ultra easy delicious Easter lunch or dinner menu that will not only free up the clock, but that will add a healthy bite to your fun day!

So turn up the fun, turn back the clock - we're not ready for Daylight Savings Time, just yet - even if we are a bit to late.....

Easter Menu & Recipes by Diet Bites

Here is the free tasty menu from your Diet Bites:

Honey & Brown Sugar Ham

Buttery Sweet Potatoes

Herbed Button Mushrooms

Olive, Pickle, Stuffed Celery Tray

Crunchy French Bread

Your Favorite Beverage

Fresh Dream Pie

Shopping List - be sure to base the amounts you need of the size of your Easter-Feasting Crowd:

Ham OR Deli Ham Slices

Loaf or Loaves French bread

Sweet Potatoes

Pineapple Rings

Button Mushrooms


Light Cream Cheese (whipped)

8-ounce Container of Light Whipped Topping

2 Single Servings of Your Favorite Low Fat Yogurt

Graham Cracker Crust

Items Needed That May Already Be in Your Pantry:

Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil
Dried Herbs, Ground Cinnamon

Butter Flavored Cooking Spray

No Calorie Butter Spray (fridge variety)

Your Favorite Beverage Fixins'

Olives, Pickles

Brown Sugar

and Toothpicks

Honey & Brown Sugar Ham Easter Recipe

Rub ham with just a tab of brown sugar mixed with honey.  Secure pineapple rings into ham by using toothpicks.  Be sure to remove toothpicks before serving.  Pop into a 375 degree pre-heated oven and bake until done.  Ham should be golden brown.

Buttery Sweet Potatoes Easter Recipe

Wrap sweet potatoes in foil and place into oven with ham.  Remove when they reach desired doneness. Serve with no calorie butter spray, salt, pepper and a bit of ground cinnamon and brown sugar, if desired.

Easter Herbed Button Mushrooms Recipe

Spray with cooking spray. Sprinkle on salt, pepper and herbs.  Dried basil combined with dried parsley is delicious!  Pop into the oven a few minutes before the ham and potatoes are finished cooking - along with the French bread recipe below.

Olive, Pickle, Stuffed Celery Tray

Spread de-stringed celery with cream cheese.  Place onto a relish tray with pickles and olives.  You can even do this the night before to save even more time for Easter.

Crunchy French Bread

Carefully split bread in half and sprinkle or brush the bread with olive oil.  Pop into oven with mushrooms and cook until golden.  

This is one of our favorite recipes.   Many times, Tom and I will top our Crunchy French Bread with a bit of pizza sauce and skimmed, shredded mozzarella cheese.  Very, very de-lish!

Fresh Dream Pie Easter Recipe

A very easy Easter pie recipe from our kitchen.  Empty your favorite low fat yogurt into a bowl.  Carefully fold in the topping.  Pour into a prepared graham cracker pie shell and chill until set.

There are so many combinations that you can use to create tasty, light pies that work well for holidays and summer treats.

Try Boston Cream Pie flavored yogurt and a dash of vanilla extract with the whipped topping OR lemon yogurt with the topping and a dash of lemon extract.  Grate lemon rind on top of pie for a dazzling presentation.

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