How to Get Rid of Bat Wings
Exercises to Tighten Bat Wings

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Ridding Unsightly Bat Wings

Bat wings are not hot wings.

So what are bat wings? Human bat wings specifically.  

'Bat wings' is a Street Term commonly used in describing the floppy skin under the upper arm. It forms in the area adjacent to the arm pit area.

Women hedging forty and over are the chief victims of bat wings. However, men are not exempt from developing flabby skin in this area.

Do you have bat wings?  

To determine if you have bat wings, stand in front of a big mirror. Next, extend your arms out to each side of the body, keeping them in line with the breast.  

If you have bat wings, you'll notice a sag of skin under each arm. This sag will make the size of your upper arm appear much larger than it is. If you move your arms quickly back and forth, the saggy skin will likely wiggle or flap about.

If you have bat wings, don't fret too much.  It's a very common complaint - and as mentioned above, it targets the aging female body - and as we said, men can have this condition, too. Although it's not fun going 'Over the Hill', on the flip side, it is a natural part of aging that occurs when the bat wing area of the body gets neglected in way of exercise and activity.

As we age, our bodies lose elasticity - so things sag  - from our chins to our toes. It's natural - but many times, natural is no fun at all!

The good news is that the following exercises may help tone and tighten bat wings.  In addition, there are many exercise machines on the market that target the bat wing area - so you may wish to go on a discovery trip to the fitness shop.

Another great reward for weight loss is a reduction in the size of bat wings, so that's just one more morsel of motivation to propel you onward - to Diet Success!  

Example of Toned Arms in Men & Women

Toned arms in man and woman.

Exercises for Tightening up Bat Wings

And now for those bat wing toning exercises....

Bat Wing Exercise #1

Bat Wing Exercise DemonstrationOne of my favorite exercises to work this part of the body is to lay on the bed (or any flat surface) so that when you fully extend your arm up to your head-area, they hang off the bed.

Use light weights (1-2 pounders) and holding one in each hand, bring them up very slowly.  

It's not the speed that works the muscle, rather the force expressed during your workout.

Work up slowly to a rep that suits your personal needs.

Bat Wing Exercise #2

Carry your free weight with you when you walk and work them while you work your arms.  (You'll look a bit like a speeded-up Tin Soldier.)

Bat Wing Exercise #3

With a small free weight in your hand, and in a standing position, put your arm straight out.

Next, bend your arm at the elbow.  Next, slowly lift your arm - going towards your shoulder blade, on past until the weight in hanging above your back. Reach back as far as you can without straining.  You should feel a slight pull in the underarm.  

This exercise is effective in working out the underarm area assists in toning and tightening.

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