Christmas Dieting Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Hip Tips to Trim Hips During the Christmas Holiday Season

You don't need a rocket to tell you that all that rockin' around the Christmas tree can be deadly to a weight loss plan.

Too much egg of nog, an excess of pecan of pie, an overage of roasted birds and boats of gravy can have that plan swimming right up the river, without the gravy ladle, even.

Much of what transpires during this most festive time of the year has a lot to do with our senses.

Sight & Dieting

Oh the sweet scents of the season - from fresh pine needles to homemade baked goods. And generally, amid this season more than most, home cooks tend to work extra hard to make the foods not only taste delicious, but to also look marvelous.

Smell & Dieting Tips

When something looks great and smells great, the temptation reaches a seven on a scales of one to ten.

Using Your Sense of Sound When Dieting

Oh no, we add all those songs filled with sleighs, jingle bells and elves and we climb to an eight. We must fight doubly hard at this point to resist temptation.

Using Your Sense of Touch When Dieting

Now we've done it; we have the beautiful, good smelling, good looking food object poised in our hot little hands. At this point we've reached a nine. And it is highly likely that we'll be turning back.

Using Your Sense of Taste When Dieting

We're at a ten. If we're feasting on mashed potatoes, roasted chestnuts, or a snack plate of whole grain crackers and reduced fat cheese, then we're doing just swell. However, if we're gobbling down on eggnog, cheesecake, chocolate cake and mince pie - oh my, it's our tummy that is likely to start swelling.

In Summary

Don't be a humbug and miss totally out on the Christmas season - but do use your Sixth Sense when choosing which foods to fill the tummy with.

Holiday Dieting


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