Texas Turkey, a Diet Friendly Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

How to Prepare Our Texas Turkey Recipe

Wash your bird, rub down with salt, cracked pepper and chili powder.  

Stuff the cavity (of the bird) (I know) with pickled peppers (as hot as you like - from banana peppers to jalapeno).  

Cover with heavy foil. Bake as directed.  

Baste with juices every thirty minutes to ensure your turkey is moist, and that Aunt Edna doesn't break a tooth while she's dining.  No one likes a tough old bird.

Thirty minutes before turkey is done, remove foil and brush on a mixture of additional chili powder and 'no calorie' butter spray.  

Ingredients for Stuffing for Texas Turkey Recipe

Remove the peppers from the cavity and stuff bird with the following stuffing recipe:

Recipe for Holiday Texas Turkey8 cups of herb stuffing crumbs

1 cup of fat free chicken broth, heated

1/2 cup of dried cranberries

1/2 cup of cooked wild rice

1/2 cup of sliced mild or hot peppers

Mix together, then stuff bird.  Return to oven and bake until golden.  Warning: Turkey may melt knife when sliced.

Tips, Serving Suggestions

Diet Bites - The best weight loss program & free diet site online.If you'd like to patriotize your turkey and adapt it to your state, you can go wild!  Examples: Vermontians can add honey and lemon to their turkey; Floridians may wish to drown their turkey in orange juice.

Diet Bites - The best weight loss program & free diet site online.Cajun Country likes to fry the bird, but if you're on a diet, forego the hoopla so your weight scales won't go hop-la.

Diet Bites - The best weight loss program & free diet site online.And finally, we would not advise strapping a turkey to the front of your engine so that it cooks over the course of your long journey to grandma's house.

We know a couple who tried that and when they arrived at their destination a day later, the turkey was still raw and smelled of rubber. Yes, a rubber turkey.  Even worse, their car gobbled for two months after that whenever they started it.

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