Why We Get Fat

Five Causes of Weight Gain

If you are a 'victim' of weight gain, you may have often wondered why you are getting fat. What is the cause? Most of us know that when we consume more calories than our body uses, the end result is weight gain. BUT - what causes us to overeat?


1. Inefficient Metabolism is Why We Get Fat

If your daily diet consists chiefly of grains, dairy foods and proteins - you're likely to have a body pH level that resides on the acidic side of life.

There are symptoms that the body produces that will let you know if you are leaning towards a more acidic pH level.

These include nagging heartburn that persists more than 3 times per week, tongue and mouth issues, and feeling weak and without energy.

When the daily diet is thrown 'off', the result is often an inefficient metabolism. Ramp up your metabolism by adding more fresh vegetables and fruits to your daily diet. Keep in mind that your body needs a minimum of 2 daily servings of protein, fruit and dairy selections, 6 servings of grain, and three servings of vegetables.

We feel that the American daily diet is filled with far too many simple carbohydrates - such as chips and desserts which contributeto a weakened immune system - and a slowed metabolic rate, and too few fresh vegetables and fruit selections.

2. Genetics is Why We Get Fat

Simply put, some of us are born with a better set of genes. Food is processed more efficiently, or we may have been born taller than most - so we can eat quite a bit more food than our shorter peers. We cannot control our gene pool, but we can exercise control in our eating habits which can counteract weight gain.


3. Poor Daily Diet is Why We Get Fat

Grazing is more responsible for individuals getting fat than eating too much at meal time in our opinion. It's always best to take time out to enjoy your healthy meals.

As to what to put on the plate, we'd like to offer an example which parallels with our metabolism comments. In the highly acidic daily diet, fruits and vegetables - other than the potato chips - are nonexistent. Just look at the healthy difference in our meal chart below.

If you are currently overweight, your daily diet probably most resembles the highly acidic daily diet. If so, you're currently eating far less food which contains far more calories which often equals the storage of excess body fat.

Highly Acidic Daily Diet

The Healthier Daily Diet, More Alkaline Friendly


toast, margarine, bacon, egg, milk, jam


cheese nachos, soda


cheese pizza, soda


pretzels, potato chips, soda, coconut cream pie


fresh fruit, 2 whole grain 100-calorie waffles, 100% orange juice, and a serving of low fat milk

Lunch OR Dinner

pinto beans, slices of fresh avocado, slices of fresh tomato - or a garden salad topped with light dressing, steamed carrots, 1 cup of sliced potatoes, minimal margarine, 100% fruit juice, 2 slices of whole grain bread or a large wedge of cornbread, yogurt


fresh fruit & vegetables

4. Stress is Why We Get Fat

Even positive environments are accompanied with stress - like a party. We're there, mingling with friends, but often we aren't in a state of total relaxation. We may be attempting to entertain and feel the pressure of stress, or we may be nervous about making a good impression on our friends which also generates stress.

Whether the stress is positive or negative, when we're feeling stressed we seek comfort - and most of us find that comfort in food.

The more we eat, it seems the better we feel. Food is indeed, a mood-lifter. But only until it rests in our gut and becomes processed - with the excess energy getting stored in our fat cells. We don't feel so fluffy inside after the transformation - but we certainly look more fluffy.

5. Inactivity is Why We Get Fat

If you have a pet, you probably know that when it starts becoming a couch potato, it puts on weight. We can learn a lot from our pets....

In Summary

If your weight gain is being caused by any of the above situations, do your best to pay attention to your daily choices. It only takes 100 extra calories per day to generate 10 additional pounds per year - and it's so easy to consume this tiny amount of extra calories.

In addition, paying closer attention to our stress levels, as well as ensuring that we're eating a balanced daily diet can assist in boosting our metabolic rate and in turn, generating weightloss - and a healthy feeling of well-being. Little changes add up to big results where body fat is concerned.


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